Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Electrified SA/SO theWizard´s Contract 43sec


This is probably the best run I’ve done in my life. Keep in mind : 3rd place

This one was pretty easy, just some mishaps. Again, 3rd place

This one was the most annoying, sorry for aim assist, something happened that made me 4 seconds early, and I was 200 points away from 3rd place and I really wanted to get it. Ha, 3rd place for the 3rd time what else has 3 things ? A triangle. What’s a triangle a symbol of ? The illuminati. Liberation = Illuminati


Hi! Im new to Hitman games, HITMAN 2016 was the first i played and i love it so much that i decided to make the ultimate run (CJ did it before but on PC, it’s way faster and a little easier)

The run consists on making All 6 main missions in a row (No particular order) on Professional mode, Silent Assassin Suit Only. It took me a couple of weeks but i got it! Any kind of feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen the run yet but I subscribed, I will see it soon, when I have time for it I know how frustrating a full game run can be, GG!


Ey man thanks for the Sub!

Yes it was reaaaaally frustrating for so many reasons: The loading times on Ps4 are ridiculous
My plan for Hokkaido was atrocious, and several times i made all 5 in a row and lose in Hokkaido, had to change it for one more pacient approach.
Some inconsitency on the AI ruined my run several times
Also the nerves at the end of the run as usual :slight_smile:


I have some ideas to change 20 chars description. I can add current records for normal and pro missions with links to yt. Other idea is links to speedruners channels who add runs here regulary. I can also post most incredible runs, but there were so many of them that choice would be really hard. What do you think?


Situs Inversus (SA/SO) by Flying Phone


Post the links of the speedrunners’ channels :slight_smile:


I also think that this is the best option, we already have two topics about speedrun records and what I said previously there is too many fantastic runs to choose best of them. I place the most popular channels. If I skip somebody give me a message.


Featured Contract El Presidente in 0:52


Not SA, still a pretty fun challenge tho:


Holiday Hoarders Roulette

Start: Red Carpet
Harry “Smokey” Bagnato: Loud Shotgun
Marv “Slick” Gonif: Fiber Wire
Exit: Chimney

Ho Ho Ho :santa:


All Main Missions - Silent Assassin, No Loadout, 13:13


Old Featured Contracts


That Pistol menace tho. Skrrrrrrrrrra :sunglasses:


Second Life Syndrome 55s

beat the cheaters


Nicely done!! That was engaging :smiley:


My first Hitman 2 speedrun :wink:


A Gilded Cage with Janbiya (Cuz it’s January)


Paris - All Disguises Speedrun

I fun idea that I had, to do a SA run of The Showstopper and wear all disguises in that run