Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Amazing runs!! Both of them!!



The Arena - SA/SO/Silverballer (0:26):

I’m really happy with this strat, hope you enjoy it!!




The Officials SA/SO in 1:00


Frog Factions 2 in 2:05 (dat rekky)


ohh nice spot mate! gg


Found this in the trending tab:


Shogun Showdown Speedrun. Before the record was the fastest person to get up top and kill hayamoto with whatever. I found out a way to lure him away from there. Saving around 10-11 seconds.


Welcome master of Hitman 2! I didn’t know that you have account here. You should post more of your amazing runs.


Another one from trending tab:

Edit: Forgot you can just shoot the stylist.


Patient Zero Any% (38s):


Here is another Hitman 2 speedrun. The record for Kirov Park Meeting was 1:12 for many years and was tied with a bunch of people, many people (including myself.) thought getting 1:11 was impossible. A bit of mircomanging and I was able to get 1:11 :slight_smile:



Colorado SA/SO from outside the compound



new wr for flatline.


Amazing job beast! :smiley:


I’ve given up on making thumbnails…

Here’s a recent speedrun I uploaded: