Hitman 2016 Speedruns


@Bending_Cheese67 and I did a challenge where we both attempted to dive straight into @Euler13’s “The Gama Kidnapping” contract without any knowledge about it. The person who got the fastest time won (which was Bending Cheese, who rekt me into the ground) and got a donut! (joke)

This was really fun. I was actually surprised to see BendingCheese67’s route because I had never known about the tricks he used (I knew about the lamp for Portman and wallbang for Dexter, but not the syringe for Nakumara). It’s cool to see other creative ways for interesting contracts.


the Sigma Illusion escalation in 1:27 (new WR)


@Supernova this is your contract right?


It is not I’m afraid. Mine is “Test Run”.


Oh i see. Sorry m8 thought that was you


I swear, trying to throw an item to distract Portman is like trying to kill a person who’s unconscious in a closet. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE.

I’m attempting a contract and this keeps happening to me. If Hitman stops being bullcrap, I’ll upload the speedrun of the contract here.


@C2H6O do you have a alt account named C2H50H? On Steam i mean.



I believe that’s his main account. He changes his name a couple of times when I watch his videos. Anyways, it was used in this video. The crystal ball proves it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crystal_ball:


That’s my main account hueheu


I thought it was Fire Extinguisher of Mass Destruction.


No it was I have no pants on.


My full game run of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin in 49:45. I was never expecting it to be sub 50 so I’m really happy about this run. :slight_smile:


Colorado w/o Loadout. This is what I wanted to do in full game run but it’s too inconsistent.


Lmao. All those disguise changes were hilarious. Wtf?!! :joy:

Great work!! There’s a challenge on reddit called “naked 47”.

Rules are:
-0 loadout,
-SA/SO only.
-default start location
-can’t take anything in the world (so if you ko a guard, can’t take their gun. Can’t even pick it up and move it out of the way. Where it falls, it stays),
-Can use any environmental distractions like fuse box, water taps, dropping a chandelier (but only for a distraction),
-Must kill with neck snap (no accident kills)

I did Colorado and Hokkaido. Pretty fun. You should try it on any main mission.


Destroying heart in Hokkaido is fine? and putting bodies of KOed people in closet?


Yes, but only if you can do it without taking the doctors device (Can’t take items). Otherwise must reveal yourself as 47 to soders.

Yes, You can move a body anytime as a body isn’t an item.


Lol Colorado sounds hard. I guess you can only open the tornado shelter with Rose’s body too.


But you picked up the device :rofl:


Your run is invalid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: