Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Yes my run is invalid. I did use the device. I did it before I knew I could reveal myself. The rule is that you can use an item if you can’t pass the map without it. I never revealed myself before so I thought you have to ko everyone so you don’t get spotted but there is a way in doing it really quick.

Oh ya, I forgot 2 rules.

-must be SO
-must start default start spot.

Yes, you have to use roses body. But I did get it done. Also getting into the basement is tough. There’s only 1 way to do it but you have 2 opportunities at it. When Ezra enters or exits.


You only tell now? My run was already recorded and ready to post :frowning: lol


Sawry. lol. I forgot.


How is it even possible to get his body to the basement from the other door and do it all SA/SO, I want to see a video of that.


I have an edited video but it’s very possible. I made the video but I needed saves to see if the run is possible and it is. I’ll send you the video in dm.


Oh yeah I forgot that when you open the other door to the basement from inside it doesn’t get locked anymore. :sweat_smile: Nicely done though, I wouldn’t have the patience to do the same.


Paris w/ Sniper on Pro


Marrakesh w/ Sniper on Pro. FirstTryElPogoChampo


Colorado w/ Masamune


Hokkaido w/ Sniper on Pro


Hello to everyone!
I am new here and I signed up to look for help in building an NG Accident Only run. I’ve wanted to do that since HBM but it was simply too difficult on some levels so I am determined to do this specific run on 2016’s Hitman!

I am opened to help in any way : already existing routes, general speedrun techniques, tips on certain levels…
I should add that I do not wish to use glitches.

On a very technical subject : I play on PS4 Pro and do not actually own a recorder but I’m planning on using one.
I’ve already speedrunned a game, Deus Ex Human Revolution on PS3, with an unregistered time of shortly under 1 hour, two or three years ago.

If you can help me in any way, feel free to reply or send a message.

Thank you!


Feel free to contact me


Thank you!

For the moment I am not allowed to send private messages but as soon as I can I will contact you. In the meantime I am going to check your runs and start taking notes.


Hitman 2 Tunnel Rat speedrun


Uhhh what? PS4 records up to 1 hr. What are you talking about?


Sorry, I meant that I do not have a capture device like an Avermedia.


Wallbang moose kill for claus:

I found that you can shoot through that wall thanks to a video by @o_O



Dump, Gas Lamp
Electrocution, Solar System
Gas canister, Push
Lamp, FE
Car, Chandelier, Mower, Hay Bale
Cable Car, Heart


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