Hitman 2016 Speedruns


The Wetzel Determination Escalation Level 5



The Final Test 37s (Whirl Rekky)

Credits to fkgfw for the route.


Main Mission Rekky
Colorado 59s


sick run m8. You can shoot the hay bale from inside. That’ll probably save some time.


Full Patient Zero Any% - 3:53 in-game time:


Few runs I recorded today for speedrun.com:


Old featured contract - Blindness and Sight. sub 3 or ronaldo


World of Tomorrow using Poison.


I decided to do a poison run too


Could be faster with better throwlos and yolos but I don’t care about this stupid mode. Just wanted to get sub 1 and beat the cheater.



sapienza pokerino


Now that @C2H6O already made mendie cry I can try Paris without guilt Kappa

The Showstopper Pro/SA (49s)


This radio is very useful in pro mode to skip pickup animations and also pickup illegal/suspicious items in front of NPCs without getting rekt hueheu


So stupid they changed it to this. Before, if you had a large object in your hand (ie. FE), picking up ANYTHING else would have you drop the large item causing compromise if it was an illegal item.


Hitman Contracts Traditions of the Trade Speedrun


The Gladwyn Simulacrum:
-Lvl 2

-Lvl 5 (strat works for lvl’s 3 and 4 too)


your title says 1:02 but your result screen say 1:03 :stuck_out_tongue:


Featured Contract BULLSEYE for the win in 0:45