Hitman 2016 Speedruns


New PRO SA rekky for sapi:


Featured Contract - Contract Cancelled 1 in 0:54


AHBOS roulette using sedative poison



Marrekesh with poison 2:38


Technically the fastest Kill Everyone SA time huehuehuehue




ya missed Jeff :stuck_out_tongue:


looks like I missed someone else too. I could have sworn 137 included jeff.


Lol I also just did that two days ago and I missed one guy too (and also Jeff but he wasn’t there).


@BernardoOne also infect Klaus Liebleid, maybe it’s him.


worth mentioning that i also infected Klaus, so the actual total number of possible targets other tha main ones is 138


He’s already a target and would qualify as SA Kill everyone infected or not. That still leaves one npc I missed who is not Jeff.


What I mean is
Bernando One: Owen Cage + 138 infected (including Klaus Liebleid) = 139.
You: Owen Cage + Klaus Liebleid + 137 infected = 139.


That still leaves one missing. Because without Klaus infected my run still has 138 infected. Mine has 140 kills total with Owen counted.


My bad. Those were old screenshots before I put Jeff on the map.


nice :pray:
did you ever put up a video for it?


lol no. I was going to do it as live commentary until I realized what a pain in the ass it would be. Everything was cool except the spa which I wasn’t happy with. Maybe will revisit when I start doing vids again.


Elusive Target The Broker 2:04 SA/SO Sniper


I’d love to see it one day. Anything remotely as fast always ended up screwing me in the end lol.