Hitman 2016 Speedruns


The Speedy Target (Trending Contract)

Lafayette any/any


Contract found on trending tab.

Credit to @BernardoOne for the blind spot for the lady by the window (I think it was you who I was using this one a single target contract) and @cjgarof for the Viktor kill.


Shooting the gas canister from behind the wall near the stairs, going the other side of fashion show and using this would be a nice time saver. Also would not need a smuggle if you brought both ducks instead of the bc.


or flying phone to kill viktor would be faster. there also may be a better helmut kill in there. turn bozo and the lady around. try to poison him. would save the back and forth for the fe.


Yeah I had the feeling that there is quite some optimization potential. Shooting the gas tank should open more strats because I need one less item and the back and forth could be avoided too. Will see that I can turn your tips into a run.


I thought it was suit only. Could be sub 1 with fireworks start


is there a reasonable kill for the woman upstairs I’m not aware of from below? just curious.

also if it involves shooting her, dalia lamp kill would most likely get the other target found, no?

just trying to envision the strategy.


You can pistol distract her and shoot her like in my video from below. If SA is possible is another story. Have other problems with the guards on the ground floor.


The Bjarkhov Bomb speedrun. I’m sure it could be a little faster.


Are you just theorizing or have you done it? Shoot from where? That seems pretty high.


I was thinking of killing Dalia and other lady with sniper if that blind spot works with sniper.


You can shoot her from here.

The distraction shot can be done from here:


WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Sick. Did not expect that. Awesome.


Sniper may not be required then.


Also I’ve figured out how noticed kill works almost. It’s a bit complicated.


Explanations for different situations would be nice. Especially for the strange ones. Maybe you should try to sum up as much as you know in a thread or video or something. I think that would be helpful info.


I’ll try.

Noticed kill comes from legshot or when NPCs fall to the ground to be precise. When you legshot someone, the status becomes searching. This is like bad searching. Good searching comes from everything else like fire alarm, explosion etc. All kills (except accidents) during bad searching are registered as noticed.

Also Good + Bad = Bad

So if I legshot someone during fire alarm (say) then I’ve to wait until searching goes away before killing the last target even if it’s an accident.

Also ? counts as searching. So if I legshot someone and then KO all witnesses, if some other NPC got ? during that period then the BS is still there even if it doesn’t say in the HUD.

I’ll probably make a video for this ? bcoz there’s more to it.

  1. Last kill while the guy has ?.. Result = noticed

  2. Got rid of ? by bumping into him but I still have to wait until he goes back to his normal cycle (which I did in 3)

  3. ^

  4. Got rid of ? but it was followed by searching. BS is still going on.

  5. Knocked out the dude to end this BS :rofl:


Freeform Training SA/SO Fiberwire in 0:46


[Accident in the Kitchen - (0:11)]