Hitman(2016) still crashes often on dx12 and bad fps on dx11

So I bought Hitman(2016) GOTY a few days ago on a sale and I’ve been having a blast. However, since I stepped into Paris game has been freezing and usually crashing on Dx12. Some people recommended to use dx11 but that gives me much worse fps than dx12.

I am running the game on Blade’s Shadow cloud gaming pc that has a gtx 1080 and an Intel xeon.

The crashes seem to be very random yet somehow often.

Any help would be appreciated.

What GPU driver version do you have?
I tried every one after 425.31, but it keeps crashing, so I always roll back to 425.31 by now.
It works more or less stable. Try to install this version for your GPU

2016 hasn’t been patched since late 2017. The game won’t receive any updates anymore. So you are sadly out of luck and have to stick with DX11.

Btw one trick is to reduce Level of detail to medium. It is a huge performance hog on both 2016 and 2018

I’m on the latest released to date. I heard it has something to do with overlays such as msi afterburner, steam or Nvidia overlay. Is that true or just roumors?

It “can” help to disable them but for me it only prolonged the issue by 30 minutes.

I mean for a pc with 1080gtx apart from that setting would you recommend anything else changed?

As I wrote above, install that version of a driver.
It will most definetely fix your issue

I will give it a try and get back to you. Thanks!

#ConsoleMasterRace :rofl:

When you are so poor you can only afford Cloud PC gaming xD

One day, bro. Just be glad that you can game.

I’m glad technology has come so far I can with good internet play high end games on a 12 year old family laptop or my phone.

I rolled back to the driver you mentioned performing a clean installation of it and it DID NOT resolve the issue it still crashes like always . Turning off the overlays is also not optimal because it makes the game not connect online as it needs the steam overlay for some reason to connect online . :frowning:

Strange. What error code shown in Event Viewer?
Don’t you happen to own and installed Razor mouse/keyboard software?
As it turns out, this software will cause HITMAN to crash.
If you have this software, just unistall it and you’ll be able to play normally

There is no error popping up. It’s one of the 3 scenarios :
1)Game freezes till I force close it from task manager.
2)Game freezes and crashes thus closing itself and sending me to desktop.
3)Game freezes together with the computer and a forced shutdown of the machine is required.

And no I don’t use any razer equipment at the particular machine nor have I installed ever any razer softwares on it.

Why does it say you withdrew your post?

I deleted it cuz I made it too complicated.
Here is more simpler version.

Follow the guide in this link and find ‘hitman2.exe’ related errors.
Click on each error record and examine General tab below, on the first line there there will be some text including ‘hitman2.exe’. This what you want to find. When you find this, look for third line with ‘exception code’. If you find there 03 or 05 at the end of the code, have a look at this thread, you may find some useful info there:

I appreciate your effort to simplify this as much as possible. You first version wasn’t complicated for me but you had no way to know that.Are you sure I am looking for Hitman2.exe despite me having the 2016 game installed?

I think the way of finding an error will not be different even with HITMAN 2016.
It just may show ‘hitman.exe’, all rest will be the same.
Important thing is to determine error code, not what game you have installed.
If you find these codes as I wrote above still look for info in that thread I gave a link to. Advices posted there may help even with previous game

I installed hitman 2 and error code is 0x80000003. I will start reading the thread you linked. If you have in the meantime any suggestions feel free. Or should I just scroll up and follow your previous ones prior to the thread link?