HITMAN 2016 The First Complete Season free with PS Plus February 2019


HITMAN 2016 The First Complete Season free with PS Plus February 2019

From a marketing standpoint, it is better that as many of the 90 million plus owners of a PS4, gets a copy of HITMAN 2016, even if IOI doesn’t make much money on each copy.

Almost all purchasers of a future HITMAN 3 are those who have been exposed to HITMAN 2016 or HITMAN 2.


Talk about a deal. Honestly, this is the best deal for PS Plus in a while. This is also a smart marketing move.


This is an excellent deal to get more players on board. When they like S1 they probably want Hitman 2 too. Or people get convinced to buy Hitman 2 after doubting if they should do it, because they wanted to play the complete story.

There are probably some butthurt people who get angry a 3 year old game is being offered for free, but I see it as a marketing strategy. Good job IOI :+1:


I knew it.
So i wonder if the first expansion is coming out soon and this is like a way to get more people involved.

It’s gonna be a good long while before I dish out for the expansions I got more than enough hitman on my plate.

Haven’t had a decent ps game in some months, it’s all a scam anyway


If this gets some of the scrubs on my friends list playing some fucking Hitman after years of me telling them they should… Then good!


Ok… my bro is downloading The Complete First Season on his PS4 PS+ Singapore Account:

Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, and Hokkaido are “Downloading”
We know Patient Zero/GOTY content is not included.

But The Icon, Landslide, and A House Built On Sand instead say “Get Access” and give this message:



Is this because the main missions have not completely downloaded yet?
The Complete First Season does include the Bonus Episode right?

Tagging @Travis_IOI for assistance. :slight_smile:

EDIT: OK… Confirmed something has gone wrong with this so-called Complete First Season on PS+:

Got Complete First Season on PS+ Free Games


But only 6 episodes and not 7…



Everything downloaded already… seems no way to claim Bonus Episodes.

@Ibbe040 help?

Summer Bonus Episode PS4 problem

You’re not the only one with the issue.

It should be like this, I took the screenshot today.

(Don’t mind Patient Zero dlc, its from the goty edition I own)

  1. Wait for the base game to be fully installed.

  2. Search for updates by selecting “start” on HITMAN when you’re about to launch the game, then select “search for updates”

3.Make sure you’re in the same account that you have the ps+ on and get access from that account, it won’t work on any other account than the one with ps+.
Make sure you’re in the same region in ps store as the one you downloaded the game from.

4.Restore your license then check if you can download it from “your add-ons”, ps store search or in game “get access” and store tab if it’s there.

Step 1: Log into the PSN that purchased the content in question. Step 2: Go to [Settings] > [Account Management], and select [ Restore Licenses ]

  1. Last step would be reinstalling base game if you haven’t done that already

If none of this works, I guess Square Enix would be the one you should contact and tell them that the Summer Bonus Episode dlcs isn’t available for you and provide your psn-id, region, the game etc. If they take long to answer then message Travis or IO to have them message SE to speed it up or help you.

Good luck


Ok… but why yours has Patient Zero?!?
That’s not part of Complete First Season is it not?

Ah Sorry just noticed now the GOTY comment. Hahaha.


Haha :+1:


Sigh… didn’t work even after all 6 episodes installed… after Check for Updates… after Restore Licences.

Tagging @Travis_IOI and @Clemens_IOI for help. Cannot claim Bonus Episode under HITMAN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON on PS+ Free Games Singapore.

PSN ID: niniendo_sg


There’s another person, presumably from Hong Kong, that also posted the same problem. This is what happens when you guys stop being a British colony. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


There are many, many things which could be said here, most of them relating to Brexit. But this isn’t the place. Also, I actually can’t be arsed to say them. But they are there :joy:


I’m just teasing. I don’t want to turn it political, whilst hereby acknowledging that colonialism has resulted in many bad things throughout history, but I will say that I don’t like Brexit. :slight_smile:


True, and me neither.


Kidding aside… where is this guy’s thread?



A good third of my friends list is playing For Honor. How many got Hitman? Zero.

Removing the lot of them by tomorrow :joy:

(No disrespect to For Honor)


I am starting to worry about the silence from @Travis_IOI over the missing “Bonus Episode” from the package that clearly says “The Complete First Season” on PS+.

My brother availed of this offer on PS+ and would appreciate if someone at IOI could clarify what’s going on. It seems PS+ Singapore and Europe both don’t have Bonus Episodes.


Travis is trying to look into it, I believe.