Hitman 2016 vs. Hitman 2 (2018) What Are Your Thoughts?


So after finishing the story in Hitman 2, playing the new ghost mode, and doing some contracts, I’ve given myself a couple days to let it all soak in, and I believe I now have my final thoughts on the game. I did not like the story at all if I’m being brutally honest. I actually prefer the 2016 game’s story over it. I wasn’t too crazy about the locations in this one, they just seem a bit dull in my opinion, though of course they are well done. I think the 2016 game has it beat there. The only real standouts in this game to me were Miami and Whittleton Creek. I enjoyed the ghost mode, and I think I might find myself playing it more in the future. I did not really care for the new soundtrack though. It seems forgettable to me, whereas the 2016 game’s soundtrack was more catchy and memorable in my opinion. One thing I did like about the new soundtrack though, was how it changed depending on the location, a neat touch. Not a fan of 47’s new face though, I very much prefer the 2016 face. Gotta love the return of the sniper briefcase, and the gameplay overall is very good like the 2016 game.
Overall, I would rank my top 3 Hitman games as follows…
3. Hitman 2 (2018)
2. Hitman Blood Money

  1. Hitman 2016
    So it did make into my top 3, but I still feel that my favorite, and in my honest opinion, best Hitman game is the 2016 game. This one just isn’t quite on the same level as it was, for me anyway. Overall, I’m going to give Hitman 2 (2018) a 3.5 out of 5. It’s a good, solid game, and I do like it, and will continue to play it as content is released. I look forward to the upcoming expansions with the new locations, so I hope they can bring back some of that 2016 charm for me. What are your thoughts on Hitman 2 (2018) vs. 2016?


I’ve heard a lot of complaints that it’s just “more of the same” as 2016. I’m okay with that. I’m MORE than okay with that. They have created a solid formula that plays well and has LOADS of replayability without hitting you up for micro transactions like is the trend. Granted there are 2 expansion packs down the pipeline, but I imagine those will add even more great content. Prior to 2016, I hadn’t touched a Hitman game since the first one. BOY was I missing out. LOVE this game, though there are bugs to iron out.


I agree. As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.


I don’t like to treat HITMAN (2016) and HITMAN 2 (2018) as two totally different games (like Silent Assassin and Contracts for eg) because both of these titles exist under the same roof and HITMAN 2 is a substantial addition to an ever evolving package.

HITMAN + HITMAN 2 is easily the most content rich Hitman experience till date but Hawke’s Bay should not have been advertised as a main location.


That’s very true, I was thinking that after posting this topic. Technically, Hitman 2 is the season 2 we never got, rather than a full blown new game.


Personally I would have been happy to pay $25 or $30 for this game if it was billed as DLC for the first reboot.


I really enjoyed H2. It’s weird considering it only came with 6 levels one of which was a tutorial of sorts.

Initially I liked H1’s episodic model but the more it went on I found myself not as attached so I was definitely pleased when H2 was launching as a full game with all missions at launch bar the two expansions.

Whittleton Creek I can see myself playing that level for years to come.


Hitman 2 is really pretty much HITMAN Season 2. I could understand why someone would be disappointed if they expect a massive change from Season 1 in the same way 2016 was very very different from Absolution but the gameplay systems of 2016 are robust enough that imo it doesn’t need a radical change.

Curious why you rank Blood Money above Season 2 when you rank Season 1 at the number one spot. Haven’t finished the game myself, far from it but the common word of mouth among most people seem to be that the levels in Season 2 are a lot more consistent and high quality than that of Season 1 with the exception of Hawke’s Bay.


Right. The reason I rank Blood Money above Hitman 2 (2018) is because I enjoyed it’s levels, story, and soundtrack more, and not that it matters but I prefer 47’s face in Blood Money to the one in Hitman 2.


I feel like I sound like a weirdo but my ranking is


Playing through the classic levels and I realize how much I missed 2016, and how much I love the new versions of these levels. If Anyone asks me my favorite H2 level at the present moment, it’s probably Sapienza>Paris>Marrakesh>Hokkaido>Colorado>Mumbai.

It’ll probably change once I warm up to the new levels.

Edit: I actually really don’t like Colorado, but it has such strong nostalgia vibes for me. I think Mumbai is way better than Colorado.


I’ll make this short. Hitman 2 is best Hitman what was ever made. And all because of atmosphere and details what new locations have. I REALLY felt that “Living, Breathing world” for the first time. Hitman 2016 or even Absolution didn’t even get close. After revisiting H2016 i realize how poor and small is in comparision to H2. And that isn’t only because of complexity of level design - but mostly because of atmosphere, music, and all these situations which have place in levels. Every NPC have purpose. And that is beautiful.

Of course there is always something that could went wrong, and this time it was cutscenes and new unlocks - which are terrible. Story was “ok”, nothing special. But beside of that - that game is so Perfect! Ghost Mode and Sniper Assassin it makes game even more perfect.

PS: i’ve made every single challenge in H2, so i experienced everything about new game.


Paris vs Hawke’s Bay = Paris
Sapienza vs Miami = Draw
Marrakesh vs Colombia = Colombia
Bangkok vs Mumbai = Mumbai
Colorado vs Whittleton Creek = Whittleton Creek
Hokkaido vs Isle of Sgail = Hokkaido

Side by side, that’s a narrow win for Season 2 mapwise.

I like some of the gameplay mechanic changes, i dislike others. Season 2 does feel a bit more clunky, especially with very fast equipping weapons/tools. 2016 is smoother. So i’ll give season 1 a slight edge here.

Overall both seasons are very strong so far. Atm it’s a tie for me: season 2 wins slightly mapwise, and season 1 wins slightly gameplay and smoothness wise.

Im hoping season 3 will get the best of both worlds. And hopefully 6 top tier maps.


Why you compare totaly different levels? They aren’t even similar to each other. lol.


It’s a side by side comparison. Both seasons have 6 maps. Easy

Ill mix it up for you:

Paris vs Isle of Sgail = Easy stomp Paris
Sapienza vs Colombia = Sapienza
Marrakesh vs Mumbai = Mumbai
Bangkok vs hawke’s bay = Bangkok
Colorado vs Whittelton Creek = Whittleton Creek
Hokkaido vs Miami = Miami

Now it’s a draw. Happy?


I feel like it’s okay for me to uninstall HITMAN and just stay in the “world” of HITMAN 2 (with Legacy Pack). And I disagree about the locations. So far I’ve tried Nightcall, Miami, and Santa Fortuna and I love them all for different reasons

Nightcall - “Damn… I wish this was my house…”

Miami - “Yay! I always wanted to go to the races with a VIP Paddock Pass! Oooh… Tequila Immolation!”

Santa Fortuna - "What a nice idyllic town with interesting culture, and ancient stuff… Let me just chill at this bar for a while without a care in the world… Oh Is this an ancient Temple or something…and… HOLY SHIT! LOOK AT THAT HOUSE!!! GOD DAMN! LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT TV!’



HOLY SHIT! Look at RIco just getting electrocuted


Each level has a different atmosphere and way of gameplay. The fact that there are a similar number of missions doesn’t mean that the comparsion makes sense. So, no. I’m not happy with that lol, because it is an unreliable rating.


Both seasons have 6 main maps. If we want to compare the seasons, we have to compare the maps, it is really that simple.

And no matter which map youre putting up against which, it will always result in either a draw or a slight win for Season 2, mapwise.

Gameplay wise and smoothness wise season 1 has a slight win. Ergo, a draw. Both seasons are really good


You don’t have taste mate.
Isle of Sgail, Mumbai, Santa Fortuna are way better than Miami and Whittleton Creek.


I am a little conflicted. I still need to spend more time on the game itself. I will say that after nearly every single level in Hitman 2 was extremely open, I actually started to appreciate the simplicity of some of Hitman 2016’s levels. Although that might just be a me thing, maybe the amount of “medium” sized maps is the same across both games. Overall I think I took a lot of the Hitman Season 1 maps for granted, which makes sense, because I got into Season 1 just a few weeks before 2 came out, and I was busy playing RDR2 after Season 1.