Hitman 2016 vs. Hitman 2 (2018) What Are Your Thoughts?


Isle of Sgail was pretty good, but the rest just didn’t do it for me.


I disagree with one bit. I played some legacy today and I HATE what they did with the lighting effects.


H2 is definately better than H1 in every aspect except lightning.
I am not counting bugs as they will eventually get resolved.


Isle of sgail, whittleton creek and colombia stand out for me (even hawkes bay but not too much) in hitman 2. But my favorite levels are still hokkaido, sapienza and paris.

Edit: Some of the gameplay mechanics have definitley improved in hitman 2…Especially the gunplay and combat system… They weren’t joking when they said “challenge our combat ai”.

Things which make hitman 2 better for me.

  1. Briefcase (and things we can do with it).
  2. Gunplay + gun sounds.
  3. Combat A.I.
  4. Able to hold multiple large items.
  5. 47 blending in and having lines of dialogue.
  6. Dot aim.
  7. Viewcones.
  8. New cloth physics.
  9. 47 is no longer expressionless, thanks to the eyes.
  10. Foliage and croud blending mechanic.

Things which i did not like, some are big and some are tiny.

  1. Some of the unlocks and stickers on mk II weapons. (Big)
  2. Nerfing equipments (like breaching charges).
  3. Briefcase is amazing but we should be able to climb ladders with it. (Tiny)
  4. Npc’s talking about 47’s breath. (Tiny)
  5. Story. (Big)
  6. Legacy levels lighting. (Big)
  7. 47’s character model less detailed. (Tiny)
  8. Unholster animation is a bit unrealistic. (Tiny)
  9. Npc’s getting interrupted while 47 stands not too near them.


I actually really like the soundtrack, especially in Santa Fortuna. Reminded me of Sicario.


I find HITMAN 2 to be better all in all. The soundtrack is richer, the worlds are bigger, the gameplay is refined and it is much more atmospheric overall.
I honestly haven’t even touched the bonus mission and Patient Zero from the Legacy pack in HITMAN 2.

The soundtrack especially stands out when replaying the older maps in HITMAN 2. It feels … dull compared to HITMAN 2 and I actually get the complains about HITMAN’s soundtrack now.

Ghost Mode is a welcome addition to the franchise, as well as having a Sniper Assassin mode right in the menu.

It’s just amazing that I can play this game for hours, or just a quick little round of Ghost Mode or Sniper Assassin to get my HITMAN fix.


I’ve played 48 hours since the early release a week and a half ago. In these 48 hours I managed to barely get Mastery 20 on Legacy missions (did not touch bonus or PZ just as you) and completed Hitman 2 missions no more than 2-3 times (except for Miami where I got all mission stories).

Game has a colossal amount of content even without contracts or ETs. I can’t imagine how many hours I’ll have by the end of the game life cycle.


Yup, I played the same amount. I’m up to 50 hours+ now but find myself playing Ghost Mode a bit too much. :smiley:
I grinded the challenges to get the “all black, not really all black, suit” though.

I had about 300 hours (maybe more) in the predecessor. I know I will easily double or maybe even triple that amount of playtime.


Hitman 2, I think it’s closest to realising the Hitman fantasy concept so far


I’m far more impressed with Hitman 2.

I was very hard on season 1 because I felt it started well with The Showstopper but after that it was downhill.

Sapienza was big but the story mission didnt make use of the space. Marrakesh and Bangkok in particular were such let downs. I was one of the people who were around from the Beta so to be drip-fed increasingly disappointing levels? By the end, it left me cold.

On the contrary, I don’t think Hitman 2 has a bad level. I don’t think of any of them as wasted opportunities. Plus, they’ve reinstated hiding in crowds and the briefcase which make some of the season 1 levels more enjoyable.

I can’t wait to see how they expand Hitman 2.


The briefcase feels so redundant in the Legacy Pack. The levels and NPCs routes were designed for the sniper rifle to be visible on 47’s back - therefore anywhere that a sniper rifle is beneficial, you can get there without the briefcase.

The briefcase in the Legacy Pack is purely an immersion tool. But it’s also completely pointless.


I like it for the social stealth element. I don’t like always relying on disguises or sneaking to move around with my favourite weapon. If I wanted to be sneaking behind cover everywhere I’d go back and play Absolution.


One thing I dislike about briefcase is that all the agency drops are replaced with it now. Sometimes it’s hard to get the prompt for picking it up like in Sapienza’s apartment. And maybe I don’t want to see the unpacking animation but just grab the item quickly like you could do before. If I need a briefcase I can just select it.


How do you mean that?
You cannot go anywhere with the sniper rifle on your back even when disguised.

Or am I misunderstanding your post?


You can’t just go anywhere with the sniper rifle on your back, but the areas that the sniper rifle was intended to be used - you can get there with it on your back by sneaking and/or smuggle points.

The only places you can’t get it to inside the Legacy Pack are the places where you don’t need it.


Oh, I see. Yup, that’s true!


What if I want to assassinate at point blank with Sniper rifle.


I agree on the Mk II stuff. Almost feels like a cop-out, though it IS nice for being able to have multiples of items (ie, lethal syringes.) I disagree, however, on the carrying a briefcase up a ladder. I have actually needed to get up a ladder with a box with a handle (similar in size/structure of a briefcase) and I can tell you, it is NOT easy. I ended up just strapping it to my back.


The thing is, you need the Mark 2 stuff for all the people out there that are buying Hitman 2, but haven’t bought Hitman 1.

We all have Hitman 1 and 2, because we’re fans that sit on forums about the game.
But imagine if you’re a casual fan who buys Hitman 2 but never bothered with Hitman 1.

Do you not get a lockpick?
A breaching charge?
Disposable scrambler?

You need mark 2 stuff in Hitman 2 because otherwise, for the people not getting the legacy pack, they’d be stuffed playing Hitman 2 without really essential equipment.


No, you don’t. You can just have two options to get that same old stuff unlocked. Or they could have made it so that Legacy unlocks all the old skins (blue guns and so on) and the new maps unlock the new skins(black ones).