Hitman 2016 vs. Hitman 2 (2018) What Are Your Thoughts?


Let’s not get carried away here, it is possible but it is remote. Maybe but it is a BIG maybe.


Here’s my understanding: IO never approached him for H16 (did he do absolution?). They did so to cut costs, because Square enix was cutting their budget.

This understanding is entirely based on the following two facts:

  • Kyd stated in an interview that he wasn’t even asked to return (take that as you will)
  • IOI was on the chopping block before the release of H16, and were subsequently chopped. I respect them a ton for having the stones to go indie, but where is Kyd, and why?

These are questions I’m sure all OG hitman fans needs answers to.

If it is indeed about salary (which I believe is what IOI assumed before not even asking him), I’m sure we can get a GoFundMe going


I could be wrong, someone please school me if I am


Takes me back to good old days of PS2 sequels where they only changed something if it was genuinely required/innovative (e.g. Sly Racoon, the first 3 splinter cell games all played basciallly identical…but god damn if they didn’t perfect the formula as a result) no changes made for a bullshit box quote of “look at all the unnecessary new shit we added to look different”.
Difference for the sake of difference is often the status quo now so it’s refreshing IOI didn’t go in for that superficial crap. Stick to your guns and refine what you got if it’s good.
Means resources get spent on shit that matters instead of wasteful nonsense.


Wonderfully said.

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Really enjoying Hitman 2- I don’t think it will top the love I have for Hitman 2016, but that’s really only because 2016 has Paris, which is quite honestly my favorite Hitman level ever.


Not really
It makes the suit only silent assassin Sniper runs pretty easy and funnerm


Very good points, but what puts Blood Money over Hitman 2 for me is it’s missions. I just prefer the locations and missions of Blood Money more than I do the ones in Hitman 2, as great as they are. Agreed that the BM soundtrack is better than Hitman 2’s, that’s something else that puts it above H2 for me…and I just prefer 47’s look in Blood Money over his look in Hitman 2.


season 1 maps so so so much better than hitman 2.

paris = 8/10
hawke’s bay = 4/10
sapienza = 9/10
miami = 8/10
marrakesh= 7/10
santa fortuna= 7/10
whittleton creek = 5/10
isle of sgail=4/10

hitman 2’s average = 5.8
season 1’s average= 7.5

for me.


No, they are not!



At this point HITMAN (2016) feels more polished than HITMAN 2 (2018).

Details and arguing coming soon (a week or two).


Its funny you say that. The industry is almost like a paradox. Its criticized for being too stagnat and being repetitive with little change per sequel and a low amount of , but it’s also criticized for having too much ambition and adding too much into games.


i’m sure in a few months, H2 will be at 2016’s polish-level. at release, 2016 was working with a much more “new” system, but H2 is basically just Season 2, so i expect them to understand how to fix bugs quixker


It’s an option. Thats why my opinion is not definitive and not sealed into stone.

And that’s also why my final review won’t come until the “Definitive Edition” release.

But still, i feel ashamed of them releasing the game that early while it definitely deserved more time and attention. Wait & see…


Whittleton Creek 5/10!! Dang! Whatttt


HITMAN 2 has more consistency in the quality of level design (there’s no Bangkok or Colorado or even Marrakesh in there) and a lot of quality of life additions that I feel improves mechanics slightly.

HITMAN 2016 feels more polished and its best levels slightly edge out the best ones in H2

Obviously IMO


I disagree mate. There is a bigger difference in quality between Hawke’s Bay and Miami than Sapi and Colorado for example.

And yet other changes that make it worse.

Paris is still the pinnacle of maps.


Hitman 2 looks more developed and detailed but Hitman 1 levels are more fun. (Especially the bonus missions).


Luckily for you we are getting more bonus missions then!:grinning:


I’m not referring to too much ambition. I’m referring to cynically made changes. Case in point, Modern warfare 3 where it would have been preferable that they hadnt change it so. They changed the kilkstreak system to a point of stupidity, all to act as a bullet point in their marketing. It woke me up to the idea that change isn’t always good especially when it is cynically done to ensure a USP bullet point. It isn’t organic or warranted and the sequel suffered as a result.