Hitman 2016 vs. Hitman 2 (2018) What Are Your Thoughts?


Honestly The way the story unfolds made me think this Hitman coulda been episodic… that cliffhanger might be exciting but at the same time is really a pain in the ass cuz now we must wait till Hitman 3 (at least that’s what I think).

Second the game felt way too short… 6 missions are too few, and yeah we have the chance of repeat them to master 'em… but so we did in previous games. I remember to play Blood Money’s missions like 5 more times each mission just to get an specific item or to challenge myself to kill my target in a different way.

Third, The Gameplay + graphics at least in my opinion doesn’t felt like a new Hitman game… I mean… when you played Hitman 2 SA and switch to Contracts or Blood Money you felt the difference not only in missions… graphically and in its gameplay… but when you put Hitman 2016 side to side with Hitman 2 2018 you don’t see a HUGE difference… you might lie to someone and say “I’m playing the new DLC for Hitman 2016, yeah it just drop in November 13!”…

Now don’t get me wrong we have new features like Ghost Mode and all that… but…
Did we Really need a new game just for that!?

This game is a masterpiece in execution just like Hitman 2016… but when you look back in the franchise, you feel something is missing.


when i went from SA to Contracts it felt the same way as 2016 to H2. :woman_shrugging:

the thing is that there are more ways to kill targets now. the scale is much bigger this time. the previous games never had the same replayability that the older games have had.

but no, we didn’t need a new game for this. it could have just been a DLC. but hey, things happen


Hitman 2 is easily much better than Hitman (2016) in my honest opinion.

I throughly enjoyed the missions in Hitman 2 much more than 2016 game. I didn’t like the episodic approach in the last game and I think that stuck in my mind when playing it. Don’t get me wrong, Paris, Sapenzia and Marrakesh are great levels in the 2016 game but aside from that I wasn’t a massive fan of the rest.

With Hitman 2 I love every single level, Columbia and Whittleton Creek are absolutely fantastic. I even liked the story, I’m hoping 47 ditches Lucas Grey in the next game though.

Overall Hitman 2 - 9/10


I’m very happy with it. I love Hawke’s Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Whittleton Creek and IoS. Mumbai, not so much, but they can’t all be winners :grin:

The return of the briefcase, new tools, the crowd/foliage blending system, the music (score and diegetic), all thumbs up in my book.

The only area I’m disappointed in is the downgrade for the cutscenes. Would have preferred they take the time to make them full cutscenes as in HITMAN 2016, but hey-ho.


If the lack of proper cutscenes meant more details in the actual game, i’m all in for better budget allocation