Hitman 2016 - Which Map has the best/least irritating doors?


Kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel here, but I kinda wanted to poll people to find the map with doors that people didn’t get stuck on. If people find this really stupid, feel free to get someone to delete this topic. I just thought it was mildly amusing.

  • Paris
  • Sapienza
  • Marrakesh
  • Bangkok
  • Colorado
  • Hokkaido

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I feel like the Colorado doors and Hokkaido doors are both annoying. Especially Hokkaido. Every time I get stuck and waste time. Paris has the best doors and feel better to open. :slight_smile:


Paris doors are definitely the least annoying to open, and ditto for Hokkaido. The way they slowly slide back into position must have specifically been made for maximum annoyance. I don’t recall having issues with doors in Colorado though, which ones are a pain? The gates and doors to the main house are pretty forgiving.


The ones near the garage area where you start off as a technician. And the ones near the water tower.


Ah, yes those can go to hell as well, they are just slow enough for you to get caught on them.


I think each map has its fair share of perfect run ruining doors. Even Paris, which I think is probably the best, has that door which goes into the kitchen from the stairwell. Once you’ve got used to it, you don’t have as many problems, but every now and then. Grr! I’ve just been getting frustrated with the keycard door into the Ether labs in Sapienza; the door at the bottom of the stairwell that leads down from the observatory. The number of times I get stuck on an invisible barrier in the doorway.


The doors that open to the side (like hokkaido ones, for example) are the worst


This is my “favourite” door.


@Fortheseven loves doors and bois


It’s not just that door… I think that room has issues. I’ve gotten stuck on ‘nothing’, like 4 or 5 steps away from that door. & it might also happen in the room below it too.

The same thing happens a lot when trying to go through the door in that stairwell next to Silvio’s lab going to the Ether underground lab.