Hitman (2016) won't find the legacy pack

I am playing hitman (2016), but the game can’t find the legacy pack! This is on xbox one. I really wanna play the game.

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Legacy Pack is that same HITMAN 2016, but for HITMAN 2, and works exclusively with HITMAN 2 game

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So i can’t play hitman 2016?

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But you say that you’re playing HITMAN 2016.
It’s if you buy HITMAN 2 you can merge 2 games into 1 within second game.
And as you own HITMAN 2016, the Legacy Pack will be free for you to redeem.
But all games should be on one and the same platform

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I HAVE LEGACY PACK, that’s the problem

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Technically, Legacy Pack and HITMAN 2016 are different things.

Please describe your problem more detailed


I have hitman 2016 and the legacy pack, BUT hitman 2016 doesn’t let me play the levels.

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You don’t need any Legacy Packs to play HITMAN 2016 game.

You trying to play the game with HITMAN 2016 launcher or with HITMAN 2 launcher?

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  1. Yes I need it or else i have no levels
  2. I’m trying on the hitman 2016 launcher
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Do you own HITMAN 2016 or just the Legacy Pack?

What platform are you on?
If you’re on console, maybe you need to insert the disc in the disc drive.

As I already said, Legacy Pack is that same HITMAN 2016 game, but for HITMAN 2 and it won’t work on its own. You need HITMAN 2 game to play Legacy Pack.
But you don’t need anything additionally to play HITMAN 2016 alone


If you have the free Starter Pack of H1, having the Legacy Pack won’t give you access to the full game because its DLC for H2 - even though it contains the H1 locations. A bit confusing I know.

If you have the full H1 game, but the locations are marked as 'Get Access", you need to ensure you have all the locations downloaded and installed. They’re their own separate bit of DLC that needs to be downloaded - usually they should download automatically.

But as you have the Legacy Pack, I’d recommend you download the H2 free Starter Pack and play H1 within H2 and not use the H1 launcher - that way at a later date if you pick up H3, you can just transfer the progress over and not have to start again.


It can’t be confusing since Legacy Pack is for HITMAN 2

I own both, but it still doesn’t work

I have all of the episodes, it should not matter that i have or havent gotten legacy. The thing is that It simply doesnt want to work. Specifically when i try to install the DLC, it finishes instantly but doesnt show up as functioning. If i uninstall the DLC and reinstall it it again finishes instantly.


Let’s learn what platform are you on, first?
Second, do you own HITMAN 2 game?
Third, do you own HITMAN 3 game?
Forth, what version of HITMAN 2016 do you have? Free or purchased?
Fifth, how did you get and why do you need Legacy Pack?

I’m on xbox one, I do own HITMAN 2, but not hitman 3. I have the purchased version. Nvm, legacy pack used to be a thing on hitman 2016. I have the levels

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If you own HITMAN 2 and Legacy Pack, you can play HITMAN 2016 levels within HITMAN 2, can you?

I think you need to buy a DLC for HITMAN 2

Legacy Pack is a DLC for HITMAN 2 containing the levels from HITMAN 2016 game, you say you already own the Legacy Pack