HITMAN 2019 Compendium of Game Mechanics

This is a work in progress. Non profit; Created and maintained by the community; for the community. Intended for those of us devoted to the franchise as well as newcomers. This is a personal 1-man project so any helpful (valid/relevant) assistance is appreciated greatly.
I, Cerberus x47 (Xbox Live) will take the downtime between seasons 2 and 3 going thru every core aspect of S1 and S2 making detailed notes on any and all mechanics I feel players should know, such as the first piece I’m providing below covering the difference in ammunition quantity for sniper rifles depending on whether or not you had 47 bring it in a case or stored by the agency (which as it turns out DOES make a difference!)
Ps this first one is a tad sloppy I think but remember the quantity per row was tested & verified myself (but may have different #s if bringing two on one mission. If so, the max Ammo is different. I’m still trying to figure out how it’s calculated based on what I’ve learned thus far…

Game v: 2.72.0
Server: 7.17.0

More info (and more detailed) to come soon…

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It’s hard to summarize all the game mechanics in tables… but here is a spreadsheet of sniper rifles from @CHAOS_AGENT_45.

And here is a spreadsheet of (some) explosives and explosion-causing devices I made:

Some other random item mechanics I haven’t put in a spreadsheet:

  • Tasers, unlike EMP devices, can be detonated early in a water puddle to electrocute it in advance. Similar to how car batteries work.
  • Remote taser and EMP will electrocute water when in briefcase. Proximity taser won’t work in briefcase though, in fact it is the only proximity device that doesn’t work in briefcase.
  • Taser, EMP, explosives can all ignite oil barrels to cause fire.
  • Krugermeier, Sieger 300 Ghost, and other subsonic weapons can lure people to other floors.. Technically any silenced gun can do this but it’s easier with subsonic weapons as they are less likely to alarm.
  • All sniper rifles, shotguns, automatic weapons can open doors permanently if you shoot the lock. You can shoot open unlocked doors too.
  • Briefcase is louder thrown melee weapon than other melee items.
  • Muffin and Fish can be placed on food plates in Whittleton Creek and Haven, but not Meaty Bone.
  • Muffin, apple, cheeseburger knock people down and not out. If no one saw you throw the food, knockdown is un-suspicious (no body found).

Much appreciated :slight_smile: but I recently seen somebody else’s spreadsheet for the same thing and I found that it was incorrect. I assume its due to being an older version. Hence why I wanna do it again now that they aren’t gonna be changing things much more if all

Actually I think it will be quite useful… Ive been procrastinating doing the explosives (sooo many of them mm)

Ohhhh heyyy that link finally worked. That’s the same sheet that made me want to do this after finding out late (end match) the details were not matching.
This one I’m talking about

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What spreadsheet are you talking about that was incorrect?

I actually did make a previous version of the explosives spreadsheet (shared on reddit), and I had made a small error (proximity explosives go off in briefcases. The spreadsheet I linked just now is updated. I also updated my old reddit post.

Reddit post if you want to read (updated)

I just tested it out, and the Jaeger 7 Tiger has 8/24 rounds when concealed. Not 5/20 like on your chart. Apart from the Tiger I can’t see any big discrepancies.

Here is a beginner guide I typed up that goes over a lot of mechanics feel free to use some of it and edit it however you like.
Hitman Legacy/Hitman 2 Beginner’s Guide

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What difficulty did u try it on? Did u have it in a case or a agency pickup, cuz I spent a rather long bit of time last night trying to figure out how the Ammo count was reacting to being a case/pickup/or map spawn like Mumbai. And multiple times I thought It was bugging out because some of the numbers Id double check didn’t match up but later would… Still trying to figure that out. And are u on xbox? Idk if that matters

I made a recording, did you not click on the link?

Here it is again: https://streamable.com/220zh

I am on Master Mode on PC if that matters, and I spawned with the Jaeger Tiger in a suitcase.

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I appreciate that. I’ll look at it in a moment.
That said, these ‘guides’ (I prefer to call them statistics after the amount of effort put into it but w/e potato pototo lol) I do this with my Fav games; I always assume (usually correct like here lol) that somebody has already fully covered beginner’s tips/tricks. What I test are the mechs that aren’t nearly talked about often enough (particularly with casuals).
For example;
PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds… That game (and many major titles like it ie Battlefield) have mechanics like player momentum, BULLET DROP / BULLET VELOCITY / TIME OPTIMAL RANGE PER WEAPON / RELOAD TIME COMPARISON / VEHICLE MECHANICS/DURABILITY N other differences of that sort. Skilled mechanics… Some ppl use to called them “advanced tutorials” for pubg and bf1 (my tests).
Now I’m here tho Doin it for my traditional favorite single player mainly bc the gaming industry is a damn swamp these days. (this be my 1st time doing it for a solo player gamemode too btw. Usually the demand is multiplayer (clearly lol)

I just checked it out. I guess I didn’t see it earlier.
Anyway tho… I did have some inconsistencies with my own data last night with Tiger’s counts… And only Tiger too in fact. Which is obviously the worst rifle too so…

I am rechecking again and the 1st check did come back 24 so… Maybe it’s a mistype… It’s coming back 24 rounds in pro Bangkok & Miami too so you’re right lol thanks for the correction.

Glad it helped out.

If you really are going for an advanced guide though, you’ll need more than just ammo counts.

Stuff like lethality range, ability to open locks (which Chaos Agent included in his spreadsheet) is more advanced.

Ammo is pretty self explanatory, very basic.

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Oh I have alot more data collected and to be collected on just the SRs. That sheet I initially linked (changed now, ty) I did in like 3 hrs n it only took so long bc I kept losing track of whether or not I had first equipt the case or the pickup. It’s repeatative as hell with the long loading intermissions as it is lol.

Wait wtf… Now my Arctic is spawning with 1 less mag too… Wtf
Well this is an embarrassing start for the project lol

I think statistics like accuracy, bullet drop and stuff will be either a chore to measure or very inaccurate if you test this ingame. Maybe the guys that had a look at the game files could quickly read these parameters out.
I know you do this for fun, but it would be great if the correct values are the result of this massive project. :wink:


I would like to point something here.
There are doors locked with keycard and they cannot be unlocked using these weapons.But,there are exceptions like the door in the embassy’s basement in Marakesh which can be unlocked using these weapons.

I will now say everything else you need to know about unlocking doors:


You can open doors using explosions,but this method is not consistent at the moment.The developers are working on this.


Doors are locked only on one side.Entering from the other side gives you the abilitat to open the door from the side it was locked initially.


NPCs can unlock doors without using keys(this is magic,I am sure of this :grin: ) and you can follow them to unlock doors.


For unlocking doors locked by key,you can use the key,lockpick,or a crowbar(the last 2 being suspicious).Also note that the crowbar makes noise and NPCs can go to investigate the doors unlocked with crowbar.


For unlocking doors locked by keycard you need the keycard or a disposable scrambler.
Note that the last one is suspicious.
Also,in certain disguises,using the keycard can also be illegal.
In Hokkaido you can disguise yourself for unlocking certains doors or drag the unconcius/dead person with the specific disguise for this.


Some doors are secret(the one in Whittleton Creek or the ones in Santa Fortuna) and you need to perform certains actions to unlock them(different from the ones already mentioned).

Should probably clarify that this mechanic is not consistent.
Certain explosives and certain doors just do not behave properly in H2 compared with S1.


That is true.I wrote about this.Anyway,sooner or later it will be fixed.

Yeah keycard doors are kinda weird. For example key card doors in Sapienza, Bangkok, Marrakesh can be shot open. But not the doors in the Bank or Hokkaido.


Believe me I know. But after what happened to the Map76 crew I’d rather play it safe ya kno. Doing this way is one thing but when u get into the code… well it’s best to have an OK from somebody on the staff for that and that isn’t exactly easy lol.