Hitman 2020

Hello. I recently installed the Hitman 2020 game and faced the issue of resolving the game. The game starts the music you can hear only the monitor is black and the sign “Out of range” is lit. Can you tell me how to change the resolution of the game before entering the game?

I assume you talk about the Epic version. Since the launcher isn’t a thing here, the way is Regedit :

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\IO Interactive\Hitman\{ResolutionHeight, ResolutionWidth}


HITMAN 2016 on Epic doesn’t have irs own launcher like on Steam?

No launcher in the epic version, EGS starts HITMAN.exe directly with -EpicPortal arg. DX12 is not provided either, IO only provided the DX11 version of their game.

Currently, there is no reason to pick Hitman on the EGS, now that the free period is over.

And I don’t know if they have fixed the save issue that occurs when you have a special character in “C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Roaming\IO Interactive\Epic” path. I uninstalled the game.

EDIT : Fixed.


Strange. I thought HITMAN 2016 on Epic has a launcher.

It’s been reported the other day by IOI employee that save error is fixed, so I presume special character
is not an issue anymore

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Nice. I found the message. If we could have had the same reactivity about the Turing issue 2 years ago… We had an acknowledgment after 3 entire months and a “half-fix” 6 months after the release. The full fix still hasn’t happened.


I have DX12 installed. Need to change to DX11?

Yes, I downloaded the game from EPIK.

You don’t have to do anything on that side, since only DX11 is provided with the Epic version.

How can I then play the game if the video is not displayed?

Where can I find ResolutionHeight and ResolutionWidth?

The instruction is not clear to me. what and where should I do?