Hitman 3 2020 Wishlist

For Hitman 3 if it releases later in 2020 or later here are some things i hope they include and add to the game:

  • Money/Currency System: Missions and objectives can now payout cash depending on how well you do
  • Hitman Syndicate Store: Here you can purchase with your money like upgrades, attatchment, clothing, gear etc.
  • Weapon and Costume Customisation: Now you able to customise weapons with new attachements, skins and can now customise agent 47 clothing types (hats, shirts, trousers etc.)
  • Unique Objectives: Missions can now have Unique Objective standalone modes where you are assigned to do other types of things like (hacking, stealing, inflitrating, hostage, staying alive etc.) this means you can play missions where you do not always only kill target but other type of objectives.
  • Hitman Professions System: Universal Skill Tree style system where your agent 47 can improve on abilities like sneaking, weapon profeciency (handling, reloading, accuracy), this adds an RPG mechanic which makes your agent 47 unique and improves gradually as you play, there is also a flaw/perk system too where if you select a perk it has a flaw - an example of this: Shadow Assassin: Your sneaking movement speed is increased but you make more noise if you run, Sniper Assasin: Your accuracy with Snipers is increased but you are more vunverable to bullets/ Double Trouble: You have ability to Dual Wield Pistols and Sub-Machine Guns but are twice as vunverable to explosives. Only three Perks/Flaws can be assigned at a time, you gain new ones by leveling up
  • Time Trail Mode: For all missions will you can compete with other players to fastest completion time
  • New Gadgets and Grappling Hooks
  • New and Returning Abilities: Take Hostage, Full Surrender (Enemy takes you away to security part of map and you can use this to your advantage and subdue at right time),
  • Ability to Interact and Talk to NPC’s directly with new persuation and manipulation option, you can pursuade people to follow you, do things etc.also you can get direct information too to help with objectives
  • Intelligent AI: AI are much more realistic and if the person is assasinate in the same room with another npc, once guard comes in and confronts you, you have ability to frame other npc (an option comes with fake surrender, full surrender and blame/frame) - there is a 50/50 chance if wearing suit and not caught and the guard will search for weapons, if blamed npc has weapon then higher chance of guard thinking they are culprit or if agent 47 is wearing same or higher disguise rank then npc is blamed straight away
  • Guards can now call you out to check if you carrying something, you can now plant items (pickpocketing) on other npc’s which they can also get searched which if guard search them then they will be taken away to security
  • Locations: Airports, Skyscraper, Train Station (Overground and Underground Segments), Countryside, Concerts, Press Conferences, Boxing/MMA Arena etc.
  • Ability to Climb Buildings (Similar to Assassins Creed) and Gadgets used for climbing (climbing pick axe, grappling, sticky pads for walls/glass/windows etc.
  • Ability to Drive Vehicles and Construction Vehicles
  • Ability to view cameras through cctv terminals, also a gadget where you can use to hack and remote view at any time
  • Ability to do missions with another player with added difficulty and objectives (unlike ghost mode where it is pvp centric this is a co-op experience)
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I think the money system would make the game so much more fun, it can still co-exist with the current system as one can be for leveling + exclusive unlocks and other can be for store and buying things.


Sure, currency’s one thing, but customization, really? I think contracts mode could benefit from adding objectives to it, skill point tree’s bullshit. Grappling hook’s pointless. Surrender’s an actually really cool concept, it could be like the start of the Isle of Sgail escalation with the fish where you’re stuck in jail. Persuasion of NPCs sounds like a lot of potential. Ability to climb buildings like Nathan Drake or Ezio Auditore is yet pointless, but the rest looks really cool.

Sorry for the harshness, but not all games need to be Far Cry 5 (game which ruins series).


We’ve already done two games without the money system. Would be weird to do it in 3, and I rather them keep to this new tradition.


The big list of changes I keep posting everywhere for Contracts Mode… not gonna post them again but you know what they are, IO :expressionless:

Also, a form of multiplayer where two players run around on the same map in the same reality. I have some ideas (Some that chunks of the fanbase would find sacrilege since they involve actually using the gunplay the game’s engine is capable of, other ideas which are surely more agreeable), but I won’t type them up here


Far cry 5 was good new dawn on the otherhand

Haha Hitman 3 in 2020, oh that’s a good joke


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By big chungus

There will be a Half-Life 3
No Man’s Sky is a good game
Hitman 3 will be an improvement upon the other two


laughs in spanish


No major revolution needed but after two almost identical games I do think that we need to see some changes.

Off the top of my head:

  • More variety in level type, sizes, atmosphere and overall gameplay. A mix of the different Hitman games.
  • 47 as a true hired hitman again, less James Bond.
  • Darker and more serious in it’s tone. Be funny in a more subtle way.
  • Much more realistic AI - it’s way to forgiving, especially with distractions.
  • Less challenge/mission story based. Not all targets need to have 10 scripted ways of killing them. Some targets should be very hard to get.
  • Silent Assassin should be harder to achieve.
  • Jesper Kyed styled score and use of this to create an intense atmosphere (which would mean less dialogues and such)

how is a joke, hitman came out in 2016, hitman 2 came out in 2018 so hitman 3 coming out in 2020 is plausable…


you’ve got a point


I am sorry to spring this upon you but this was the point I disagreed with the most. The dialogue from NPCs, Targets and other sources is by far the best aspect of World of Assassin’s writing spotty at times but still solid.

(To me) A score should never, ever dictate what a scene is about. It should inform the style, tone and/or setting that or it can be background music.


• Open world sandbox instead of linear missions.
• Party members (Grey, Victoria, Agent Smith, Clara…)
• Romance options
• Skill trees
• Collectable items and escort missions
• Battle Royal Multiplayer mode
• The return of the Saints
• Eating and sleeping mechanics
• The reveal that the Providence leadership has made a deal with the devil and the final mission being 47 assassinating the Prince of Darkness


47 isn’t the guy to point fingers. He is a guy who points guns.

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And fibre wire and knives and blunt object and in some cases he brings the point to the target (ain’t that right Mr Abiatti?)

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Well second part of that score lesson came from John Carpenter, who said it best when he said his scores are like a nice wallpaper: Pretty to be around but it isn’t noticeable.

The first bit about informing a scene is just common sense to me at least sure others have said the same.

this is merely a gameplay mechanical your looking too much into it

hitman battle royale, 100 agent 47 clones fighting to the death lol

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