Hitman 3 Accessibility Options

Here’s a list of accessibility options we would like to see:

  • Options to allow actions without quicktime/button mashing
  • VR movement options to allow for teleporting or snapping camera

Original post:
I am interested in seeing more accessibility options in Hitman 3’s VR mode. For example, more movement options so that people with motion sickness problems can play more easily. I would like to see teleporting movement, either with a pointer to where you want to teleport to, or something similar to Dreams PS4, where you can move the stick to move the character, but the player’s viewpoint is not moved until the character stops moving, then the player is teleported to the new position.

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I don’t play VR because it makes me sick

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Yeah, I think adding accessibility options would let more players enjoy the VR mode. More movement options would help avoid sickness.

They also should really be adding it to non-VR as well.

Some disabilities like repetitive stress injuries don’t let people button mash (subdue) and others aren’t able to do QTE’s (like when in combat).

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Thank you, I agree. Added this to the original post, and if anyone has other suggestions I would love to hear them.