Hitman 3 announced ? IOI talks

Reading this article I won’t be assert that HITMAN 3 is confirmed being developed.
Rather completely new different game is confirmed


“Hitman is a trilogy. There’s a bright future – there’s this full realization of the whole World of Assassination that we’re looking towards as well,” Abrak says. “The World of Assassination, when that’s complete, it’s going to be one game with all the locations starting from Paris in Hitman to the last location in Hitman 3.”


Now change the title of the article itself :slight_smile:

Yeah yeah yeah.
We know this since HITMAN 2 been launched. This is not new. At least for me.
But where the journalists seen the confirmation of development, it’s unclear to me.

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HITMAN 3 is confirmed being developed by staff at Malmo (they work on both HITMAN 2 & 3), the main studio now focus on the new IP.


Hitman documentary + talks + new IP + hitman 3 plannings ( at min 37:00)


For the record, our doc never said Hitman 3 was in development, only that it was planned, and they were considering the episodic model for it. The only thing we confirmed was that some of the Copenhagen studio was working on a new project which sounds like a new IP.

I did not see this tweet by Danny O’Dwyer.


I think this is good place to ask it here:
what is IP means in this context?

Intellectual Property. So a new IP = Something that is Brand New (not Hitman, Kane and Lynch or anything else)

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They should do H3 first, then make their new IP :crazy_face:. Maybe Hitwomen Battlegrounds. They need a new IP though, I hope they succeed with it though.

Of course there’s a sequel to HITMAN 2.

I know, right? All the people who wrote the articles must’ve just played a run of Miami and wrote a quick review, and never thought about it again. I hate IGN