HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

Dubai: I have checked my map on all the levels and everything is clear. That is to say, there are no areas marked as unexplored. However, in Challenges, it states that I have not explored 7 areas.

Are there any super-secret areas or is this just a bug?

Happens to me in Marrakesh as well. The soldier’s feet are walking alone somewhat behind him.

There is an error with a door in Sapienza that NOT open.
Link error Door of Sapienza:


I dunno if it’s intended but the escalation contract in the ICA facility (map: final test - called Snorasson Ascension) is not counted toward the escalation challenges (part 1) while the other one from the ICA facility (map: boat - called Einarsson Inception) is counted. It’s not consistent.

Platform: PC

Location: Carpathian Mountains

Description : In the final scene, missing geometry can be seen through the window

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Load the Carpathian Mountains
  3. Unhook the wagons
  4. Look out the window

Frequency : Always

Platform: PS4 pro, Disc

Location: Hitman 1 and 2 missions. Sometimes H3 missions

Description: Can’t play H1 and H2 missions. Music stops, nobody speaks, some people just standing, freezing…
When this happens I can’t move when changing a disguise.

Steps to reproduce:

Start the game
Load the sapienza mission or any of the H1 and H2 mission.
Walk around and try to do something

Frequency: Always

Here is the video.

Right now mendoza mission is doing this.

Platform: PC | Menus

Minor issue, but I notice that some text in the UI / HUD does not scale with resolution, and is clearly blurry compared to H1/H2.

(Example at 4K Resolution. H2 top // H3 bottom, best viewed uncompressed at 1:1 scale)

Notice that the vector looks sharp in both images, but the text is clearly sharper on the top image (H2), and blurred on the bottom (H3).

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Platform: PS4, Digital

Location: Dubai

Description: Atrium Lobby Starting Location Locked, but i’m full mastery at the level

Frequency : Always

Steps to reproduce Connect, select destination and mission, go to planning menu, starting location.

Playing on PS5
Location is Dartmoor
Reporting a bug where I’ve completed all three story missions but trophy didn’t pop.



Killing Agent Chamberlain causes game to crash

Tried reloading older saves or straight restart and any time he dies game crashes

Platform: ps4

Location: Hitman 3-all

Description: Randomly, I’m getting this black circle forming when I walk and it gets even worse when I run. Literally out of nowhere!?!? Please help

Plateform: PS5
Location: Bangkok

Description : Many visual glitches. The boats are glitching out, the colors turn purple when you look at the umbrellas outside, the entrance roof is messed up and many more.

Step to reproduce: Load Bangkok

Frequency: Always


Platform : PC/EPIC
Location : every destination of hitman 1 & 2
Description :
As stated in my post in the Player support (post number 302), the day after i carried over, i lost every challenges. I still got every unlocked items, mastery, discovered maps areas… but every challenge associated is lost.
The first time i logged in after carryover, everything were fine. the day after, all gone.
I decided to re unlock everything, after all, it’s fun. BUT i have a problem : every location in the maps are already discovered. so i’m stuck at 0 discovered location and can’t unlocked the associated challenge anymore.
I see a solution to my problem : being able to re-carry over. BUt i can’t, being a one time only. Can you give me that option please, what was a boring problem has now became a blocking one.
Provide me a goddam solution! i paid every deluxe edition of every hitman, so I (and every other customer) deserve a proper solution. AND put a proper customer support in place, i don’t even know if you read and take tickets into account.

PC, Epic Store



  1. Challenge Memoirs can’t be done.
    I collected all recordings 2 times. For the first time I picked them up in random order, and the challenge didn’t pop up.
    For the second time I collected them by order, from #1 to #5 and even listened to them all as soon as I picked them.
    The counter at the top right corner was counting all 4 manifests correctly, but when I picked up fifth, nothing happened. Nothing at all. No counter, no challenge image.
    After mission was over, challenge didn’t pop up either

  2. Challenge Waiting for a Sign can’t be done.
    I tried three or four different signs in different runs in different conditions (before locating Wazir and after; SA and non-SA), but still, challenge doesn’t complete.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Collect all 5 manifests of Maestrom, in any order
  2. Drop any shop sign onto Wazir Kale (The Maestrom)
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  1. Dubai. NPC sometimes walking on balconies and railings near lobby from start location.
  2. Mendoza: Subtitles disappear when Diana talks about targets.
  3. Final: mistake on city’s name from papers. Now: Itkutsk. Correct: IRkutsk.
    (Train historical report - paper)
  4. Discription object “walking cane”: Guys, only French Bulldogs have such ears. But not English!


Multiple maps (currently Dubai escalation ‘The Sinbad Stringent’)

The picture is what the no zoom bugged aim looks like (new user so I’m only allowed one picture, I’ll try to upload normal aim in another post). I don’t know what causes it but it seems to happen all the time after I quickly do multiple prompts in a row (there’s a guard in the hallway that I subdue, drag, and pick up knife and gun, all in quick succession), and it remains bugged for the remainder of that run. Also could be caused by quickly aiming/throwing weapons as it’s the knife throwing escalation, again I’m unsure. But I do know that whenever I deliberately move slowly with the prompts that the aim is never bugged afterwards.

Yup, I can confirm that it’s not working for me as well. Attempted it in suit, and disguised as gardner, bodyguard, and as the lawyer.

Platform: PS4 (although probably the same on all platforms)

Location: Dubai

Issue: When setting up the meeting between Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant, if you are hiding in the crate, Carl will address you, asking you to leave the room, even though you are HIDDEN and UNDETECTED.

Only by leaving the room, and re-entering it will mission story progress, making suit only runs impossible, as you are in a trespassing zone and leaving the crate will get you spotted.

Occurrence: Every time.

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Visual glitches from legacy pack
47’s face clips through glasses frame

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