HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

Edit: And in testing this, the rain on roof of the Apartment Safe House(where you find the drone) doesn’t hit 47 or his suit. This is on the level with the sniper, not the higher level with the broken drone.

Platform: PC / Digital
Location: Chongqing
Description: Blood Money and Absolution suit shows no wetness, no rain on 47’s head. Conversely, Raven, Lynch, and Freedom Fighters suits are wet, but 47’s head isn’t. Tried repeatedly, different parts of the map, so on.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Select Chongqing
  3. Select listed suits
  4. Start mission and observe

Frequency: Always


Platform: PS4

Location None (it’s an item)

Description: the Golden dragon weapon that you unlock from the lee hong derivation, it says it has penetrate but when tested it didn’t go through two bodies just one

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Platform: PS5

Location: Mendoza

Description: Completed all 4 mission stories in Mendoza but the trophy Rich Harvest wouldn’t unlock.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Finished all the mission stories in Mendoza in one playthrough by save and reloading or in multiple playthroughs
  2. The trophy wouldn’t unlock

Frequency: I’ve attempted to do this in both online and offline mode but didn’t work

Platform - Xbox

Map - All Sniper Assassin game mode maps

Bug - mastery level carried over from Hitman 2, but sniper rifle upgrades/rewards not applied

Steps to reproduce - import Hitman 2 progress, confirm mastery level, observe starting with base 5 body-piercing rounds.

Frequency - always


Cannot play any custom contract on Mendoza. Clicking on one produces the error message below.

@Travis_IOI I don’t usually tag staff but at least two other PC players have this issue… I think no one in the entire game can play contracts in Mendoza, on PC at least. Seems like a big deal

Edit: Have recieved confirmation from 6 PC players, 1 Xbox player and 1 PS player. Broken on all platforms.


Same. Happens to me aswell.

Platform: PS5
Location: Dubai
Description: At the private bar, there are two glasses superimposed on each other, a cocktail glass and a wine glass, on the bar table instead of one, which makes poisoning the glass that Lucy philips drinks use 2 vials of poison, as if you only use one, she’ll drink the unpoisoined glass. This bug is repeatable.


Platform: PS4
Location: Isle of Sgail
Description: 47 keeps getting hung up on corners and doorways and then can only spin around in one spot but can’t move, requiring a restart/reload.

These are the last two times it’s happened, but it’s happened to me at least twice before in the past day or two.


Same thing happens with other suits as well (since H2 actually).

Me: wearing Classic “All-Black” Suit (with Black tie)
NPC: “Sir, that red tie … smashing! You’re welcome.”

I think they just have lines for wearing “unique” suits instead of precisely the color of the suit.
But it does sound goofy, and would probably be better with just a generic line so it’s not confusing.

Platform: PC | Level: Freedom Fighters (Colorado)

Penelope Graves teleports to shack roof by the Slurry pit when meeting her as the Interpol agent.

  1. Start The Audition mission story.
  2. Steal the Interpol badge and disguise as the Technician.
  3. Confront Penelope and draw her to the slurry pit.



Complete The Last Yardbird as Silent Assassin Will report errors afterwards,Can’t win the trophy

Tried this mission 10 times with different kill conditions. Retry does not work on disconnect screen.

And other levels can see the leaderboard, but The Last Yardbird can’t

HITMAN 3_20210126135943|690x388

Some general bugs and oddities around the level:


The bar near Cornelia Stuyvesant has a cocktail and wine glass fused together!

more images/location

This poor NPC in the Staff Briefing Room is so bored, he has become one with the wall

Map: Berlin
Platform: PC

I got all areas of the map and yet did not get the “discover Berlin” challenge. The last one was the radio tower, which I did and got the “rule of threes,” and the undiscovered icon vanished, but no challenge for discovering Berlin popped up. Now it’s impossible to get.

Not sure if it’s been mentioned before, but this is also a problem I found in Hitman 2.

All the HITMAN 2016 cutscenes are bugged when connected to the internet. After a short while into the cutscene, it stutters and doesn’t play smoothly. But, when I disconnect from the internet and play the cutscene, it works perfectly fine.
It’s as if it streams part of it online, and any stutter in a connection breaks it.

Platform: Xbox Series X, digital

Location: Hokkaido

Description: Double Dexter complication can’t be completed despite fulfilling its requirements for The Dexter Discordance

Steps to reproduce

  1. Lure two NPCs to 47’s suite
  2. Knock them out
  3. Align their bodies so the striker can kill them with one bullet
  4. Shoot the striker at the two NPCs

Frequency: Always

Update: this bug happens mostly always. This time I killed three targets in the suite for the other challenge, then killed two more for the mentioned complication. While this is a bug that does happen, it’s not ideal to lure more NPCs to count towards the complications when you can stack them as both making progress for the Trespassers and Double Striker complications more efficiently.

Noticed two times that NPCs have ‘t-shaped’.

Once in Berlin and once in Haven. Don’t have any pictures unfortunately as they changed back within a couple of seconds but I’ve never seen it before in either Hitman 1 or 2.

It’s not. Those are some kind of artifacts or texture issues. Flickering in and out based on camera angle.

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Really minor bug but I’ll point it out, the Subject six suit with gloves has the wrong item description. The description is the same as the Ashen suit with gloves.

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Platform: Xbox Series X (Digital)
Frequency: Always

1) Selecting a user made contract on Mendoza boots my Hitman account offline or freezes the game. [ PATCHED ]

2) During the Ark Society, Lucas Grey is missing during the cutscene that plays when selecting the Harbor starting location. [ STILL BUGGED ]

3) The Grapes of Wrath challenge in Mendoza is impossible to unlock. EDIT: The solution or workaround is to place the grapes on the ground so an NPC can slip on it. [ NOT A BUG ]

4) The Soundtrack & Artbook remain unavailable to Deluxe Edition owners on console. [ PATCHED ]

5) The ICA19 Chrome, The Pale Duck, and Requiem Suit are still missing. [ PATCHED ]