HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

Platform: Xbox Series X

Location: Paris

Description : The Showstopper (Assassinate Viktor Novikov with the light rig.) challenge does not unlock.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Load the Paris mission
  3. Perform the steps for the Lights Out story to accelerate Viktor Novikov to give his speech or wait for him to do it naturally over time (both tested)
  4. Drop the light rig on Viktor Novikov before during or after he finishes his speech (all tested)
  5. The challenge is not unlocked even though Viktor Novikov dies from the falling light rig

Frequency : Always

Attach https://youtu.be/Zwq0Q2WpgaM


Platform: PC

Location: Berlin

Description :
I’ve eliminated each target at least once in Berlin, but can’t unlock the challenge Clean House

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Started Berlin level
  2. Killed each target in the level
  3. Each individual target challenge was unlocked
  4. The challenge Clean House just counted to 9/10


Platform: PS5

Location: Dubai

Description: When completing all 3 mission stories for Dubai, the trophy “Rise Up” does not pop up (retried all mission stories 7 times over). I have done the mission stories for Dartmoor and that corresponding trophy does unlock. I did notice that when I did the “Bird Of Prey” mission story, when the 2 guards frisked me, both wanted to frisk me. This leaded to the other guard being stuck (standing in place, not moving to prior location) for the rest of the mission (right cornor saving disabled icon was on for the rest of the playthrough), as saving is disabled when frisking, only the challenge popped up but not the trophy.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start Dubai, any starting point
  2. Walk to mission story opportunity
  3. Aquire Kazem disguise
  4. Go to any of the 2 guards and let them frisk you

Frequency: It is very hard to replicate, I managed to do it 1 more time.



Platform: PC

Location: Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin

Description : The Mastery Level in Dubai, Dartmoor and Berlin has been reset. After completing the missions with some challenges unlocked. Then entering the game later, the mastery level reset but the challenges remained open, making obtaining the XP for these challenges impossible. Which also makes obtaining level 20 mastery difficult in these locations due to lost total XP. Completing challenges after this rewards XP but the XP from challenges before the reset has not been restored. This is presumably a bug that affects many people who did the progression carry over.

Frequency : Always

Attach :


Not sure if it’s a bug but you can’t start a mission with an ICA Combat Axe or put it in a small stash despite it being concealable.

Platform: Xbox One S

Location: Dartmoor

Hello. I suddenly got this bug after injecting Alexa Carlisle with the Emetic Syringe MK2 on level 2 in the manor. She then just started walking in a straight line through doors and walls like it was nothing. After reaching the final wall before entering the balcony, she just dissappeared and was suddenly 1 level up and in the air, just continuing walking further away. Emetic Syringe MK2 had no effect.

When i shot her, she fell down.



Game keep freezing during gameplay (happened multiple times today) and then im forced to close the game app down completely … Plus I notice a weird screeching sound every time I pick up the files


Platform: PS4
Location: All locations in Hitman 3, including Hitman 2 from within Hitman 3 game dashboard
Description: Cannot switch camera shoulder using the L3 button
Steps to reproduce: start any destination map from within Hitman 3 game, attempt to switch camera shoulder. It can’t be done. Still works fine from within the actual Hitman 2 game dashboard.
The control schema diagram shows that the camera shoulder can be switched by pressing the L3 button, same as Hitman 2, but it does not work in Hitman 3. Agent 47 is locked in the left position.
Frequency: Constant

This is very annoying and seems like an easy fix, please send a patch. Thanks.


Platform: PC
Location: H1 map in H3, Morocco.
Description: Clipping issue with NPC on stage yelling, next to consulate, through this “tube” of his, with another NPC.

Platform: Xbox One, digital

Location: Everywhere

Description : All guards treat the camera as a weapon in terms of dialogue where they tell you about it (“Could you put that gun away please”, “Holster your weapon unless you plan to use it”, etc.)

Steps to reproduce: Hold the camera near a guard to have the chance of them saying to put it away

Frequency: Everytime you hold the camera near a guard


Platform: PC
Location: H1 in H3, Morocco.
Description: Going tight to the wall on left in Director house results in flying in the air.
Steps to reproduce: Unnecessary.
Frequency: my actual playthrough.

Platform: PC digital

Location: Carpathian Mountains

Description : In the first office wagon, in the toilet, If jou overflow the sink, the guard will immediatly spawn. I don’t know if this problem is related to the fact that enemies can easly glitch on the train’s walls.

Steps to reproduce: Go there and try

  1. Start the game
  2. Load the Carpathian Mountains mission
  3. Reach the office wagon

Frequency : I did it 2 times in a row, then I completed the mission :smiley:
Attach : I did it once, then screwed and then I did it again. Same spot

Platform: PS5 Digital
Location: Berlin
Description : Discovery challenge progress shows 21/22, despite there being no markers left on the map and the trophy has popped.

Have attempted to complete the mission as per the fix that was implemented in H2 that required a replay of the mission to trigger it, but it did not in this case (if that fix is in H3 that is).

I ended up deleting all my local data and relaunching the mission. Several discovery markers then appeared on the map. Some of them were re-completed, but it didn’t affect the challenge - but one of them did and it now unlocked.

@Dr-octopuss Try the above to see if it fixes your Discovery challenge issues.

@joek @Eresang tagging you as well since you’ve reported Discovery issues. Try give this a go.


I have the same problem : in dubai, I have completed all challenges and I am level 16…in Dartmoor I have visited all locations in the map and according to the challenge I only visited 7/22 locations.

Last but not least, everytime I finish a mission, there is an error message saying that the game can’t save but the challenges that poped up during the mission are validated but I didn’t get the points…


PS5 Digital (Using Free Trial Version)
Location: Dubai

Deacription: Carl Ingram assistant stays at her desk, on her computer, after talking to her as the disguised Assassin with the Photographic evidence. She says she’ll take you to him but refuses to move.
Reproduce: Not sure. Distracted Assassin with electrical box and subdued him. Took clothes. Talked to assistant. Talked to Carl as per normal. Found journalist near toilets. Led him to same place as the Assassin and subdued him. Took photo and went to assistant.


PS5 Digital (Using Free Trial Version)

Location: China

Description: When disguised as the Board Member I cannot talk to the Woman in the restaurant who should take me to the Lab. Neither before or after I get his form from his room.

Steps to reproduce. Not sure. I was dressed as the Dumpling Cook. Poisoned the Soup with Emetic Rat Poison. Subdued him in the bathroom. Changed clothes. Hid him and walked to the Woman in the back. She’s on the phone and Just stares at me without saying anything. No prompt. I went and got the form but same response.

Frequency - Only played the mission once so not sure.

Location: China
Description: Audio of the Emergency Alarm during the Escape doesn’t play. Neither does the Exit music. However the ambient music during the Escape plays and when I exited the lab. Just none of the fanfare music.

Also noticed music cutting out on Dubai during entry into the building at the start. And the exit music also cut out, too.

How to reproduce: No idea. Sorry!

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Platform: PC

Location: Marrakesh(Night)

Description: The Electric Boogie challenge wont complete

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Reflecting Pool is Overflowed
  2. Winch is used when target is standing in puddle of water.
  3. Scene zooms in to show target being electrocuted but Challenge wont move to complete.
  4. Tried 7-8 times with different timing.

But in doing so what do you erase exactly ? I don’t want to loose everything I achevied in opus 1 and 2.

Legacy map challenge “The Showstopper” — kill Viktor Novikov with the light rig cannot be unlocked. Tried it several times it just won’t pop up.

Platform: PC.


Berlin - The tripwires in the radio tower still get tripped when walked through even if you’ve turned them off.

Dartmoor - If you open your map when you get a blue icon pointing you to a clue for the safe, the text is “Finding the Maelstrom”. Presumably a holdover from Hitman 2 for non-target objectives.

Dubai - Not entirely sure this is a bug, but figured I’d mention it just in case. If Ingram sees you when they’re waiting for the meeting Mission Story, he tells you to leave. This occurs even if you’re trespassing but he hasn’t “spotted” you yet. Entirely possible this is intended behavior, but seems a bit weird.

General - Weird/inconsistent reactions to gunshots. Fairly frequently if I shoot a wall or ceiling, only NPCs on the opposite side react to it.