HITMAN 3 collectors edition suggestions

This is a thread to discuss all the awesome things you would love to see in a Hitman 3 collectors edition, I know it’s at least a few years away but it’s never too early to start making suggestions.

• First thing that comes to mind is another statue, I’ve got a couple ideas but my personal favorite is one of 47 standing with the briefcase in his left hand hanging at his side and a silver baller in the other held pointing up and level with his head.

• Second idea is it coming in another briefcase replica however this time I think it should be made to look like the executive briefcase from the game.

• Third idea is a replica of the Silver Ballers (with silencers of course), first of all it should include TWO silver baller replicas and not just one and second it should come with a stand or display case (maybe the packaging could be the display case).

• Fourth idea is 3d model/bust of the Hitman logo. I know the picture is blurry but imagine something like this but without the column hitman-logo-by-andy-bihlmaier

• Fifith idea is a poster of some artwork preferably something more like the contracts cover art i just really like that art style

• Sixth idea is another art book pretty self-explanatory and in my opinion another on is always welcome.

• Seventh idea is a steel book case again self-explanatory.

• And my last idea is for IO to release a survey to everyone signed up for an IO account where they can vote on 3 or 4 select items of IO’s choosing and what ever items are most voted on will be included in the collectors edition.

I of course in no way expect all or even most of these ideas to come to fruition but it never hurts to throw ideas out there, please leave your ideas of things you would love to see in a HITMAN 3 or any future collector editions of a Hitman game and maybe IO will see our ideas and like them as much as we do.

I would love to see a concept art book, silverballers, briefcase and a steel book case. My first steelbook was Hitman the complete first season and my god that thing was awesome


i dont care at all for the Hitman 3 Collectors Edition, the Statue for Season 1 was great but Hitman 2 had only shit in the CE.

i would however love to have Replica of Lee Hongs Jade Figurine, seen in Codename 47, SA and Contracts! Would be the perfect Thing for the 20th Anniversary of Codename 47, dont you think @Travis_IOI?


but most importantly: NO MORE DUCKS! I’m sick of those damn Rubber Ducks.


Lapel pin! Wearable over some display coin or bullet key-chain that i have no use for. Don’t like things that just sit around and collect dust.

And artbook. Would really love an artbook.


I just want a little Diana figure that always says “THAT is…” when someone walks by.


I don’t think Pistol models are allowed in certain countries…

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An artbook, a pin and a rubber duckie with the signature Mk.3 look