HITMAN 3 coming to Nintendo Switch!


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New announcement from Nintendo’s direct today! It mentions a cloud version. Very very excited, especially since I made a thread about this in the past!
Any thoughts, opinions, or new info?


sorry, hijacking your original post for a bit :sweat_smile:

im excited! im so glad Switch users (like me) can finally experience HITMAN!


Just saw this on youtube. Whatttttt?

I’m so glad you can finally experience Hitman, hope you like it :yellow_heart: :wink:

So animal crossing x hitman crossover when?

IO is so weird, months(?) Without any news then a new console drop?

And will switch use the ID code 1 like Stadia and PC? (Hopefully though we get cross-platform contracts in H3)


No thanks your edits helped a lot!

Also agent 47 for smash


THAT … is Tom Nook.


Sorry Epic, my Money goes to another Castle


IOI be like:

Steam < Switch

Which other AAA games are available in streaming on Nintendo Switch ? I heard about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey but it was only in Japan (and Control today).

That’s a very good news indeed. IOI put a lot of work into this game it’s pretty incredible.


Always Online Game + Mobile Gaming Console,
Match made in Heaven, IO :smirk:

I’d consider buying a switch to play the original Trilogy on the go tho.

oooh, so its a streamed version, i already was wondering how much the game would need to be downgraded for the switch


Who will be buying the game on switch?

  • Buying on switch
  • Not buying on switch

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I wonder how well the streaming would work on the Switch? Isn’t the Wi-Fi super bad on the Switch? Can it even connect to 5Ghz connections? Lack of 5Ghz isnt too big of a deal, since I use GeForce Now with 2Ghz, but if the Switch has slow speeds and high latency it’d be a horrible experience.


i actually think it might be free? at least, Control is free on the Switch right now. just needs a Nintendo Online subscription



Huh, I don’t own a switch so I never knew that was a thing. It would definitely be a good way to get more people playing the game

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First time worldwide it seems. So Control is the first game using Nintendo Cloud Streaming services worldwide, then Hitman 3. RE7 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey being released on Switch in the same fashion in 2019, but only in Japan.


It’s not. It has a 5 minute free trial so you can see if the game works fine with your connection. Beyond that you need to buy a full access pass which is the price of the game


If theres No Problem with the Connection, I’m defenitly going to buy it for the Switch and then on Steam in a Year after Release to have all Maps under one hut, Ansel, Modding and more.

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I won’t throw another $60 just to play it with streaming. I mean, I can play it with streaming with my Xbox/PS, so why would I pay for that?

But I may consider buying it if it goes on sale later.

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So, you stream while you play? So you need an itnernet connection to play? So playing it on the go, say on the train, is not an option?

If I’m just going to be playing it from home I’ll stick to the Xbox version. Very exciting news nonetheless.


That’s very cool for IOI to be able to release the ultimate episode of the trilogy on almost all gaming platforms available, also it’s been a while since Nintendo didn’t had a Hitman game :+1:

“Welcome back to Nintendo, 47.”

I wonder if the switch will be able to handle all those details tho :thinking:

Anyway that new short trailer gives us more footage of Dubai and OMG, what an amazing skydiving entrance scene :hugs: :heart:


It’s streaming.