Hitman 3 Console Question

Did IOI discuss whether or not console people will get a free upgrade if they get it for xbox1/ps4 then decide to switch to a xbox series x/ps5?

Not confirmed, we surely hear from that later before the release.


Thank you Urben, you’re always reliable

If this game has Microsoft’s Smart Delivery feature enabled, then yes, but it’s yet to be confirmed. I don’t think Sony announced a feature like this last night, so maybe no for them.

Hi, am new here in the forum and I’ve got a question: Do you think, the game mechanics will be different between current-gen and next-gen consoles?

Very unlikely, I think you only get some more simulation depth, like the glass shattering that was showcased in The Bank. Anything more would make it two times the pain to maintain with patches.


Wonder if they’ll make the legacy levels look extremely pretty on ps5. I know it’s as popular as a pork chop in a synagogue to talk about changing how levels look, but imagine a photorealistic Miami or Sapienza


I’m already satisfied if they don’t fuck up Sapienza for once.


I have a question related to this next-gen cross-gen affair.
I currently have Hitman 2016 in disc version and Hitman 2 in digital version. If 'd choose to upgrade to Xbox Series X, something I’m contemplating, will I still be having access to my legacy pack without the need to install and download H1 and H2 before installing H3?