Hitman 3: Contracts Mode Wishlist

With the recent Announcment of Hitman 3 and all this Topics in favor of it, I decided to create a small Wishlist of Things I’d like to see in Hitman 3: Contracts Mode, because the way it is now, even with Hitman 3’s New Maps in thought, it is dead for me, since it’s so limited. I rather create a Mod in 30 Minutes than a Contract in 10 the way it is now.

Targets need to be way more customizable and shouldn’t be bound to what they do in the Main Game as NPCs. A few Things that are a must, in my Opnion are:

  • Target Models: Let us change the way a Target looks from a selection of all Models used in the Map, in their Class. So if I choose a Civillian as my Target I could choose any Civillain Model, if I pick a Waiter, I could choose between all Waiter Models and so on.

  • Target Names: Let us give our Targets own Names. Not only could we tell better Storys with them that way, but we could also provide relations between Targets like making Two Randos, Two Brothers and so on. This would also help in Places like Marrakesh, where some People have really long Names, who sometimes take way too many Characters away from the Briefing.

  • Target Properties: We should be able to give Targets some Properties, like giving them a Gun, making them flee the Map when Combat begins, allowing them to consume something once in a while on the routine for a Poison Kill and maybe even giving them Cinematic Kills, like Novikov’s Necksnap and Push or Rangan’s Fall from his Skycraper. (I know it is possible to kill the Dude in a House Built on Sand Cinematic, but he’s literally the only one.)

We defenitly need more Objective Types aviable in Contracts. Just Kill just isen’t enough by a longshot.

  • Pacify: Should be pretty straight forward.

  • Gather That, Gather This: We should have the Option to mark Items in the Mission, the Player needs to obtain. Maybe we could even give our Targets specific Items that only them have and that the Player needs to get aswell. To avoid using Items used in the Main Mission, you could just create three types of items: Paper Documents, Digital Documents (Like Mendola has them for Example.) and a Key to Safe where one of the two named Things will be inside.

  • Not Kill/Protect: Similair to the Constant’s Formula. The Protect One would use a similair method like Dr. Ito, Jeff or Albert Noah who can all die without or very little Player Interaction and this case, the Player needs to avoid having that happen.


  • Descriptions: We need alot more Characters for our Contract Descriptions. I feel like that 500 Characters aren’t even enough to explain why one person has to die, but two or three, no chance. This Problem could be resolved in another way, by allowing us to write direct Target Descriptions.

  • Custom Target Pictures: I know that one is controversial, since there’re always jerks who would exploit this Tool with not nice Pictures, so let me explain. The Custom Target Picture Function needs to be limited to Ingame, maybe with Camera Tool like Gmod and the Abillity to freeze Time.

  • Saving: Please allow us to save in Custom Contracts. Since I’m Not someone who does SASO on a daily Basis, especially on Mastermode, I rarely play Custom Contracts with 3 Targets+, because of that, even though I really would like to.

This where my Ideas and Suggestions for Hitman 3’s Contract Mode. Feel free to let me know what you think about it.


I generally like all of them, though some are probably too much to ask for, like changing behavior of a certain NPC.

Allowing people to use custom pictures will always result in bad cases. Limiting it to the ingame cam is still resulting in a picture file that some evil minds alter to an own picture.

I think I want to many things to write them down here but I really hope there are some new features.


I think IO is there relativily save do to Online Mode.

Should I share my idea for Custom Targets here?

I mean everyone started to make their personal wishlist threads by now, it would not cause any more confusion to post them in other fitting threads at this point. :smile:

This seems like a lot to ask from a mode that is largely treated like an afterthought and is ignored by the vast majority of players.

I have very limited experience with this mode myself so I might be wrong here. But it seems that the best improvement for the mode would be a better map design in general. Just doing more unique NPCs with more interesting routs and triggers would do wonders for the mode. But I have to assume that it is relatively low on priority list.

That is probably the opposite of what would be good. Then there would be 10 contracts who make use of these targets and the other NPCs could be worse.

I guess you need to dive deeper into the mode to learn how things are different in it compared to the main missions.


It is also possible that it would hurt main missions. The more unique NPCs with longer cycles there are, the less predictable maps would become.

Perhaps it is just not my thing. From what experience I have, it seems to be able to produce neat little puzzle boxes from time to time. But that’s about it. I also dipped my toes into contract creation recently, but I can’t say that I managed to come up with anything particularly interesting.

Interestingly if you play the contract mode more, you will notice some NPCs have a long route or can drastically change their route at certain map events. Google the CSI easter egg guy in Miami as an example.

Long routes don’t make maps less predictable I think. I speak from experience looking back at my ET history.


But at the same token, being unique can make an interesting target.

It can be hard to find a balance for a unique target. Perhaps whoever perceives it are left to their own interpretations.

Maybe that’s my lack of knowledge speaking. I dipped my toes into contract creation recently, but I can’t say that I managed to come up with anything particularly good. Even if I had a descent idea, finding worthy targets proved to be a challenge. Although, I did make it harder for myself by trying to avoid generic NPCs if possible for totally irrelevant immersion related reasons.

Contracts Mode is really good and probably way more popular than Escalations and Ghost Mode

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Here’s my custom targets idea: When you spawn into Contracts mode you have three devices in your inventory. They all look like mines. The first is a Target Spawner, you have five of these. Placing one of these spawns an NPC on the spot, that you can mark as a target. The target’s appearance will be that of one of the ghost mode targets, randomly generating a name and which model it’s using (which you can change by picking it up and placing it again) so you can tell when a contract is using them.

The second device is a target route node. Placing this will have the target from his or her spawn point walk over to it. These are infinite. Keep placing them and so long as they’re close enough the target will pathfind his way to them. Placing a node on an objective will make the target interact with it, so a chair will make the target sit, placing it on a toilet will make him piss, etc. So this is used to create your own routines for this target.

The finale mine-like device of this trio is the target route ender. Basically placing this will make the target return to the original spawn point after reaching it in the fastest way possible. This is essentially just a way to create a loop for the target, or give you the option of not using it which will make the target take his or her route back to the original spawn point after reaching the final node in their point, after which they will retrace their steps and walk down every node again to get back to the original.

You can have five of these custom targets and place them pretty much anywhere. After the mission is over you can give them custom intel and names. You can even choose to make the targets “elusive”, hiding them from the map and instinct. To prevent overlap you can’t edit multiple routes at the same time, only create targets sequentially. But you can still place them together.

Another device you’ll have is like a trigger, this shows up after you spawn a target. It’s the bodyguard toggle. Press right mouse once to spawn one guard. Again to spawn two. And again to get rid of both. The guards will have a unique outfit, called the Target’s Bodyguard disguise. It’s essentially an all black suit with a white tie, so it doesn’t look exactly like any other guards in any other levels in the game. These guards can be marked too and their disguise can be worn and used for restrictions. The bodyguards are ofc enforcers to their own disguise and the target is an enforcer to the disguise too.

Now I’m sure the benefits of this idea are obvious. We love Contracts mode for giving us the freedom to make our own missions, but it’s mot Mario maker. We’re always going to be limited by the routines of existing NPCs. Here we can essentially create our own bonus missions. We can use space up that has been neglected in the main game. Create kill opportunities that are truly as unique and inventive as we can imagine it. The creativity of a contract is now fully in the hands of the fans. I’d probably never play the main campaign again, no offence to IO.


i want the ability to mark Laptops and PCs as Targets so you have to hack them, like you do in some Escalations.


Aw shit here we go again…

Here’s a revised list of mine in order from easy for them to implement to not so easy:

  • Contracts mode: Freeform Training
  • Specify unsilenced gun (Either as complication or as kill method)
  • Not be forced to pick between melee and thrown
  • Complication: Default Starting Location Only (I’d prefer to be able to pick any start location, but now I know how the game works it would need them to completely re-do the way maps launch, so I’ll settle for this)
  • Complication: No Gear/Loadout (This option becomes available to you by manually unequipping slots in planning screen before creation)
  • Complication: No Agency Pickup
  • Ability to delete contracts (or at least hide them)
  • Additional option in planning screen to tick and untick .brick (additions) from escalations. If you bring in a safe or laptop addition then it will automatically become an objective and you cannot leave contract creation until you’ve completed it. They would have to make sure you can’t put in two laptops/safes at the same time. (This would mainly be for Legacy maps, which have way more escalations that changed levels)
  • Generic NPC creator and waypoint tools like OP mentioned. Pick from a selection of NPC models, create waypoints and at each one you can specify how long they wait there, and what action they do when they get there (e.g. smoke cigarette)

There’s a million things I could list, but the first 7 are actually do-able for IOI, and if they did them it would be a very notable improvement over what we’ve had the past 2.5 years


I can’t believe you forgot to put this on your list:the ability to mark targets using your sniper rifle.


Eh, knew there was something I forgot, I’m sure it was on my old list though, whereever that one is!


Can’t be arsed to post ANOTHER version of “things that would imprrove contracts mode”. I just hope IO is doing their homework and read through the partially very constructive suggestions listed a dozen times already.

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It looks like IOI has done their homework about what kind of levels the fans want.We asked for a skyscraper and darker levels?We will get them.(We are not sure how dark some of the levels will be,but we have high hopes for them after the first look.)
Maybe they have also done their homework about contracts mode.I know for example that they saw the request for the increase of characters for briefings and mentioned it in a livestream(and said they would think about it).
After all,if we don’t get some inprovements in HITMAN III,contracts mode won’t get them untill the the next game which will take a lot of time to create(assuming there will be another game and contracts mode won’t disappear).

Every time they were asked in streams and stuff Travis always said “We’ve seen your feedback but probably won’t be happening in H2”; add on top of that the fact that if they don’t improve it in H3 then that means it will essentially never be upgraded since Nov 2017 until the next Hitman game (2022? 2024?), if that even has a Contracts mode at all

So surely they’ve gotta do something during H3’s life cycle