Hitman 3 Double Ballers

Where have the classic Double Ballers gone I miss them they were always a fun staple.


47 lost them while wading through the fog on the roof of Blackwater Park


now that you mention it, i think i’d like an unlockable stapler.


I LOVED the dual ballers. Stupid good fun and looked cool too. When Hitman 2 was announced I had some inkling of hope they’d return, but after release I’ve given up haha. Would be an excellent surprise if they showed up in Hitman 3

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So, we have silverballers, the pre-order adds red, white and black. Where are our Blueballers?!

they’ve gone the way of the dodo, but don’t worry, we now have a lockpick MK3

You look like a troll at this point, man

EVERY single comment i’ve read of yours is full of poison, irony and constant criticism towards the game. You sure you like Hitman or you’re one of those that is only here because they love a game that came out 20 years ago?

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I’m really happy we don’t have double ballers now that IO changed the way 47 holds his 1911’s:


I’ve already got your kind in here. I know your type. Being honest for your kind is being a mean person saying bad things all the time. Wow, such a needed honesty.

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This is my first post ever I’m just trying to start a conversation! Why are you trolling me?

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They weren’t replying to you but Joe. Don’t worry about it.