Hitman 3...... Episodic?

I was looking up to see if I could find some info on Hitman 3. An learned that it may return to the Episodic format of Hitman 2016. Is there anyway anyone could confirm or deny this claim? I’m sure H3 is a ways out from release, but am curious If infact this claim is in anyway true, or just a rumor.

                    Thanks in advance, an happy holidays!!

The game hasn’t even been officially revealed yet - the only people for sure that know the release plan are the IO staff members on this forum, and they’re not going to confirm anything at this stage.

So to sum up: Dunno.


Sort of doubt it will be because it had a negative impact on 2016’s sales.
Maybe now that people know that’s a good thing, they might change their mind

There will be no official info until some point when IOI will announce HITMAN 3 game.
At this very moment they won’t share any details except confirmation that HITMAN 3 is being developed

Do we want it to be?

  • Yes
  • No

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I personally hope it’s episodic because for me, it made season one that much more replayable. I still haven’t collected all the mastery on Hitman 2. But then I suppose we’ll have a lack of elusive targets, won’t we?


Not much of a lack

I heard this from somewhere as well, looks like it was from the Hitman documentry:

Hitman* Developer IO Interactive reveals Hitman 3 is in the works, at least on paper, *and it may see another episodic release.

As part of video game documentary company Noclip’s most recent project that focuses on the team behind the Hitman games, IO Interactive CEO and co-owner Hakan Abrak mentioned Hitman 3 and its placement in what the team calls a trilogy: “…it’s going to be one game. From Paris in Hitman 1 to the last locations in Hitman 3 . Twenty-plus locations, the ultimate globetrotting experience that we wanted to achieve.”

Just after the confirmation of a third Hitman title, Noclip founder Danny O’Dwyer states Abrak says the game may see an episodic release structure.

I really hope IOI goes back to episodic release, so we don’t get all Challenges, Escalations etc thrown at us all at once.

At least on Playstation you can download all episodes of Hitman 2 separately, so at some point in time Hitman 2 was also meant to be episodic release, but they changed their mind.

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But you know that word ‘may’ means some chance of probability, not an undeniable fact, right?
Originator of this thread asks if an episodic release is a fact or a rumor

I don’t view episodic release as this evil practice from hell, but I like to play one game at a time and episodic release makes it hard. Will wait till the full collection if this is the case. It also creates buyer’s remorse when the game goes on sale before all the episodes come out.

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The answer could be both.

Initial release of HITMAN3 as a full package, then a long tail of sales through episodic release of DLC over many years…

Well there was only 21 total actually.

14 (15) Repeats from season 1 (for a second time)
and 7 new from season 2, (1 of which was essentially a repeat)

Season 1 Repeats
Black Hat
Deceivers (which had 2 original ET’s in one)
Identity Thief
Angel of Death

Then season two ETs
Undying Returns (repeat)
Serial Killer

since 14 of them were repeats for a second time, and of the 7 new ones one of them was essentially a repeat that means that there was really only 6 ETs in season 2. Which is less than the number of maps this season had, and compared to season ones 26 ETs is a pitiful amount.

With how poorly the ETs were for season 2 I honestly think they should either abandon ETs for season 3, or drop the sniper assassin and ghost mode stuff and make better and new ets instead of reactivating stuff that is supposed to be a one and done thing.

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I would like them to drop ET and sniper to focus on actual bonus missions.
Bonus locations are great but Mumbai and Sgail not getting HBoS level bonus missions is a crime


Agreed. The special missions this season sucked so much. was just a spit to the face of Icon, HBoS, Landslide. All of Patient Zero.

I would love to see ETs disappear, Sniper Maps disappear, and Ghost Mode disappear if it means we can get more map remakes like that.

It was such a missed opportunity that they did not have a winter themed Whittleton Creek as a Holiday Hoarders 2 style map instead of giving us the same christmas map for the third and now fourth time.

I’d rather see a Patient Zero 2 esc DLC than time being wasted on those sniper maps that give you nothing and are examples of BAD grind in games.

Speaking of side content, what exactly do they contribute to the core of what the Hitman franchise is exactly. Sure you may get a new weapon, suit an what not, but what exactly is its core purpose? Please keep comments to this question clean an polite please. I’m simply asking out of curiosity as a longstanding fan of the franchise an dont want ppl thinking I’m being negative or derogatory to those who enjoy that type of content. As to the OP… I’m of 2 minds, I agree that making them episodic help us better learn an understand each map, but in the negative… as a story based gamer, I truly enjoyed the story season 1 an am thoroughly enjoying season 2 (ie hitman 2’s) story, mostly cause they are/were trying to humanize 47 (similar to absolution), but if it returns to the Episodic format… itll be a step back. JMHO

I’m referring to new ones

I agree, but still.
As I just wrote in other thread - don’t forget about people who never played HITMAN and bought the game just now.
For those all these Elusives are totally new.
I was hoping on bunch of new Elusive Targets and haven’t been expected the abandonment of HITMAN 2 support that soon

Didn’t think of it that way. You’re right.

Episodic would be best for multiple reasons. First of all, the Game Libary DLC policy and multiple Hitman 2 packs still screams episodic, even if they have been released as full bundle. Second, we would have more Hitman sooner than later. And most importantly; they could release DLC. The expansion pass and Hitman 2 was the most expensive Hitman game to date, except some collectors editions. And Hitman 2 DLC expanded the story. How would you do that, if Hitman 3 ends with the last mission? Maybe an Epilogue, but then people would smell bullshit and call IOI a bad studio for cutting the end and selling it seperatly. But instead, if its episodic, they could release a “summer pack” or something between the major missions. Two additional maps, just like the free bonus missions, but actually new maps, like the bank and haven island. I would love that, and I am sure many other would aswell.

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I came to love the episodic nature of HITMAN right before Sapienza was released.

I remember quite clearly that when I completed The Showstopper for the first time - I said outloud to myself “Well I guess that’s that until next month when the next level comes out” and turned off my PS4 and I didn’t touch the game for two weeks. But then I got the itch to play the game again and that’s when I started ticking off challenges and really embracing the replayability that the Hitman games offer (at this point the only other game I had played was Absolution).

Season One is the game on my PS4 that I’ve spent the most hours playing by a huuuuge margin as it has more than double the number of hours that my second-most played game does. It was a release model that I ended up fully appreciating and enjoying. So I would love to see the game go back to the episodic structure, but I can understand why they wouldn’t at the same time - given how things worked out sales-wise for Season One.

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