Hitman 3 Et

I completed 3 ET in H2 and the progress from H2 is transmitted to H3, does that mean that I will start with 3 ET? And will my Terminus and Absolution suits stay or disappear from my inventory?

That’s a good question and I don’t think we know much about ET progression. To get a chance for IOI to answer it themselves (Or other forum users), please ask here:

@_Lucas I don’t think they will answer any questions or this particular question.

@HitmanLover as _Lucas said, we don’t know yet any details about upcoming game.
All we know at this moment is written here:

Go learn it and keep an eye on that website for further info

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I have another question, will there be another Et in H2? I ask because on my H2 it shows me “Et coming soon”

No, there will be no new content for HITMAN 2 anymore.

That placeholder is a bit annoying indeed.
Personally I expected them to remove it after all that is over.
But either they forgot or just don’t care about it.
Maybe after some time they will release tiny patch removing that thing.

I guess this is that question that you could have tried to ask in that thread linked in the first answer by _Lucas. But still, I doubt they will answer any questions in upcoming stream or answer that particular one. They love to pick easy questions that can be answered fast, if they can, obviously

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