Hitman 3 – Full List of Unlockables

I’m happy that they make a different models. Its way better than what we had in H2. But still I’m dissapointed that didn’t add nothing with new or changed mechanics. It’s all the time same items.

At least giving some sort of Vest as new kind of items.

  • Bulletproof Vest +25%/+50% damage reduction
  • Vest that can allow bring more amount of this same items
  • Vest that can allow bring two secondary weapons
  • All kind of Vest would have that restriction that 47 couldn’t suit all outfits.

Anything new and fresh. In H2 we had granades, briefcases and Tranquality guns. H3 seems bring us only Camera.


A bulletproof vest would be a fun combat item given that combat unlockables were kinda lackluster in Hitman 2 baring the concealable shotgun.

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I’m also don’t like and never liked that Hitman have magic pockets. You can take as many items as you like. Duplicates of Bricks, hammers… it’s riddiclous. Absolution done that in good way. Only one item of that same type.


That was actually very bad because that means you can only knock out one person at a time


I’m surprised to hear a Sedative Poison Vial is back, its the worst

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To be fair I managed to get a few uses out of it since the accidental knockouts became a thing

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Now that the sedative pills don’t harm your rating, they’re very good for causing lockdowns or, in the rare case that the poisoned person is isolated, they can be used as a SA KO


Or drop a key time you need like a keycard.

I hope ALL Snipers have the unpacking animation touch wood. Also I hope we do get ETs forever and this is just a way of not punishing players for missing specific ones.

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It’s not that bad if you can find an air-conditioner or a fumigator and knock out a whole house/floor with it.

I wonder what the challenge unlocks will be

i must once again lament the fact that we still haven’t gotten a revolver :neutral_face: of course, we still have the Live Content to look forward to, but i was hoping it would be a base game item.

and the final unlock in Romania is so disappointing… a silenced shotgun reskin. it’s the last Mastery unlock in the trilogy for god’s sake, it should’ve been a revolver or an LMG or taser gun or… something that’s not a reskin


Dual Ballers ;(


Seems like they ran out of time for the last mission or were simply uninspired.

Imagine if that was the Mastery 5 unlock for the final mission? :pray: :sleepy:


Silenced shotguns are so bizarre. It takes out the fun factor at the cost of making it more practical. But who’s going to go for silent assassin with a shotgun?

We would all consider Romania as the best.


not at all.
the mission (despite its smaller scale) is intricately detailed, thoughtful, and complex like all the other levels. even more complex than Hawkes Bay (although they’re two entirely different styles of levels, so the comparison might be inappropriate)


I do think Romania will be one of the highlights of the game due to it adopting rogue like elements when you consider it’s essentially Patient Zero again everyone can be a target.


I read that and was like 'WAIT WHAT?! Did I just ruin it for myself?".

Then I remembered I’m an idiot and watched the stream of the guy playing the mission. :laughing:


Yeah, its absence is sorely felt given past implementations throughout the series.

No dual ballers is rough, but possibly understandable be due to issues with the engine as I recall the mechanic was jury rigged to work in Absolution. But, the continued absence of revolvers in this trilogy is baffling.

On a separate note, are there non-silenced baller pistols for once?