Hitman 3 going episodic?

Does anybody know if there is any truth to this article?

I asked @Travis_IOI but I know he’s really busy with stuff. I thought the move back to disc release was more in favour of what the fans wanted?

I might have missed something?

Thanks :slight_smile:

There is no conformation about this yet, but I think both IO and WB are exploring every possibility. I hope they don’t go episodic, even if I liked the model. But it did hurt H16.


If there is one thing that game developers need to learn is „screw what the fans want“.

Unpopular opinion but true.


I think it would make more sense given the climaxing drama of the plot and the grown fan base but I would rather they didn’t personally to be honest. I was way more excited for H2’s launch than I was for H2016


The vast majority of the fans didn’t have any issues with episodic. Being against episodic release in general is a very nonsensical position.


I can only hope they do. Episodic worked great for Hitman


Not a big fan of episodic personally but if it happens to make things a bit easier on IO’s end, I can endure it.


I always though IO Interactive were pretty good with the fans.


If they do I hope they re-introduce their business model from 2016: first half of the game available at launch, second half episodic.


The great thing about episodic is that you don’t need to “endure” anything. People who prefer getting the complete game can still do so. The game will come out at the same date it would come out otherwise anyways. Episodic is a thing that has literally no effect on people who don’t want to play episodically, and allows for the ones that do to play it earlier.


Personally I think releasing an episode per 2 weeks would work the best

Personally I loved episodic because it gave us something to look forward over a period of time, and a better and longer community experience overall… and essentially earlier access to the content.

It might sell worse though. I don’t know.

They’re not considering it to fuck with anyone though. I’m guessing it’s because the production will take years to finish this new season, with the small team they have now. We need to remember that IO only finished S2 in time, because most of the groundwork was all ready done by the original big team.
S3 might be starting from ground zero. Who knows?

I’m guessing S3 will be episodic and then fewer episodes. Maybe four-five all in all.


I honestly think that the episodic model is what kept me interested in H1 for so long. I loved it, I thought it worked great, and I honestly hope they go back to it.


That would work really well actually it would be a mix of the release of 2016/18. Players would get a big chunk of the game which means good initial sales as well as content being released later down the line. It would also be really good for IO if there was an option to have both legacy packs included with a special edition for people who don’t already own both games. That way new players would for sure be satisfied

There is one downside to episodic model that I never seen anyone bring up. When you release all episodes individually, pressure on those individual episodes significantly increases. Each of your episodes have to be on point and you can’t have weak links.

I jumped on board late and never had to experience Colorado or Bangkok as standalone missions, but I doubt I would have enjoyed them that much if they weren’t a part of a bigger bundle.

If all of your missions are universally great – cool. But if they’re not, then bundling a bunch of them together would help to soften the blow.

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The problem with HITMAN2016 and the episodic release was not in execution but in marketing.

Perceptions of an episodic release (from the customer’s point of view):

a) The game developer is asking for money for an incomplete game. Highway robbery!

b) As consumers, we are asked to buy an un-finish product. How can we decide on whether the game is any good based on release of 1/6 of the product? We are being fooled.
Better wait until the final product is released before making a decision. How dare the developer do this ! Who do they think we are, stupid?

c) I buy the episodic release and then there is Hitman Complete Edition, Hitman Legacy Edition, The Hitman Experience, Hitman Ultimate Edition, Hitman Steel Edition, Hitman Expansion Pack, Hitman Gold Edition, etc… What the hell. This is confusing. How do I update from what I have to the full game? I am getting screwed. I bought the wrong edition.

d) OK We have Hitman 2, “Silent Assassin” released October 1, 2002 and we have Hitman 2, November 13, 2018. WTF???

e) This is Hitman Season #1, suggesting that this is just a beta release, with a full game coming in Seasons #2 and Seasons #3. Better wait until the developers figure out what they are doing.

f) Game journalists can’t figure out how to rate a game on release when it is an incomplete product. By the time the full season is released the game journalists have moved on, prioritizing game ratings of “new” releases.

Perception of the episodic release (from the developer’s point of view):

a) Developer knows that they are designing the ultimate Hitman product that the fans will love, as it marries the best of all features of the previous Hitman games. The fans will realize this and trust that our unique episodic release formula is serving their best interest.

b) The stand-alone packet of episodes are cheap to purchase, allowing players a low entry point to demo the Hitman redux. The developer thinks that the product is impressive enough that enough of those who try the first few episodes will buy the rest of the complete season.

c) The developer can release the first few episodes early so that they can beta test and improve upon the old content while delivering new content on a regular basis as time goes on.

d) Each episode release generates a spike in sales because it is a periodic release of content. There expectation of marketing and revenue with each episode released sustaining a long tale of sales.

e) Players will appreciate the periodic release of content as we are building a library of content for this “Netflix of Assassination”, in what is a “Games as a Service model”. Players will want to come back to Hitman as we continue to release new content, re-release old content, and refine older content.

Now the advantage of 2019 compared to 2016 is that “Games as a Service” model is more common, but this is also a problem, because many game developers are trying to sustain interest in their games through regular releases of extra content in the same manner.

There are only so many customers, and these video game players have only so many hours to play video games.


That had nothing to do with it. Sales for HITMAN were initially atrocious because of the episodic model.

The thing is the majority of 2018’s missions were great and I think now that IO knows how to make great missions using the reboot formula, the episodic release should work out well for Hitman 3. Also there will be content for released Hitman 3 maps as well as the existence of both legacy packs so this should definitely tide players over

2018 definitely was more consistent and if they keep it up, H3 should be amazing. But even with all that, I still feel that Colombia and Vermont would have struggled as standalone episodes.

They are! It’s just that … fans don’t always know what is best for a game.
That does not mean that developers always do either (the camera grid, for example). :smiley: