Hitman 3 going episodic?

I doubt very much they’ll go episodic again. They have said they hoped that 80% would go for the intro pack, and upgrade from there, but it turned out that the 80% went for a full purchase, and the whole episodic method didn’t get the casual piecemeal crowd they wanted.

For sure. But I can’t imagine Hawkes bay being released alone maybe with Miami or as a pre order bonus. My ranking goes
New York (Tie)
Miami (Tie)
Sgail (Tie)

I loved episodic. I am so behind in this game since I play maybe 1-2 times a month.

As hitman 2 also follows the same “Do a mission, watch a cutscene, repeat” approach as season 1 did, a third and last time wouldnt hurt. I actually would like episodic, as they can tweak and work on all the things they need to do, until the final product releases at the end. Giving people who wait for the full release a round and working product. When hitman 2 came out, it had so many bugs, that playing the old legacy maps was a pain in some situations. With a month between each episode, they can tweak that, releasing the final episode on a working foundation, rather than a bugfilled mess, if something happens during development.

They are kind of releasing Hitman 2 episodic, when does the Mumbai pack drop? :slightly_smiling_face: but in my opinion i would prefer episodic, Hitman 2 felt too much, i didn’t know where to start

I can’t wait for the Mumbai pack so we’ll see even more love for it and a ton of new contracts on it

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While a lot of people here may like it, whatever they did in 2016 with their release wasn’t working well and caused them a lot of hassle (and being sold off, and having to lay off half their staff), a lot of people out there were confused or not sold on it. I may have been one of those people, I can’t remember what on Earth I was doing or playing in 2016, but I didn’t buy 'til 2017 (Pretty sure it was the free prologue release that made me buy it); for me that was probably more because their last game was Absolution and I was sceptical of anything they did, also I was a lot poorer in 2016 so I would only buy like one game a year, but yes the episodic release seemed weird to me. But like they said in the NoClip documentary, back then the episodic release wasn’t very heard of, and without the best marketing buyers aren’t going to put their money on something that seems strange/unconventional and experimental to them

Then when you’re buying individual episodes and there’s six in total I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who think strategically: “what’s the best way to get the game the cheapest? How many sites will selling these individual episodes? How often are all episodes going to be getting a discount? If I like episode one is there a pack where I can upgrade to get all the ones I don’t own without having to pay for the ones I do own all over again?” yadda yadda ya

Now that Io have proven themselves to me, I’d be happy for them to do episodic because I know for a fact I want an entire game (and expansions) from them, and presumably going episodic would mean we get the first maps earlier which is the main plus side of episodic. But they’ve got to think about consumers out there who don’t have full confidence and trust in Io like we on this forum do; I could imagine a lot of people out there who go “What? I pay $18AUD and only get one map? Sounds like a ripoff”

No matter what their choice is I’m personally going to be set and sign up (If we find 2020 is a bit of an ‘empty’ year for H2 then I’d prefer they do episodic H3 so I can start playing new stuff), but the choice isn’t about us big fans on the forum, it’s about trying to convince non-Hitman players to pick up Hitman for the first time in years/ever

If I had to take a stab at what a decent episodic strategy might be for them (Based on some of the things they said in the documentary), it would be 2 ‘episodes’ of 3 maps each, but the first map of the first episode is free to play (It would have to be a medium-range map, can’t give them something too good for free, but can’t give them something unrepresentative like Hawke’s Bay either) and serves as the ‘demo’ to get people hooked; this means that the first episode would be cheaper than the second since only two maps are being paid for (but overall the two eps combined will be the same price as the previous games), but anyone who does the free version doesn’t get Ghost Mode or Sniper Assassin (or anything new, assuming they come up with a new mode for H3).

This strategy is because they said giving part of Season 1 away for free saw a massive influx of players and buyers, so they’d want to repeat that here from day one; but having to deal with 6 individual episodes is clearly a pain, so only selling it in two or one parts is hopefully less of a hassle for consumers; they just need to go “Do I like the free first level? Yes. Do I like it so much that I’d buy the entire game now even though only half of it is out? Yes/No. But do I like it enough I want the other two maps which are already out? Yes”

I hope not. Much as the episodic release benefits Hitman very well, I just find getting to play all levels on release is better for me. There just isn’t much else to justify the release format, new content in 2016 was just Featured Contracts/Challenges and ETs. I didn’t get to see the “ever expanding world of assassination” that IO used to talk about.

When 2016 released in the format it was, I just got bored playing the same map over and over until the next one dropped. By the time the next episode hit, I just didn’t want to touch the previous maps anymore.

In Hitman 2, not so bad since I’m able to jump between the different maps available and play Sniper Assassin also. Earlier Hitman games had no problem releasing it as a whole game without the piecemeal gimmick. In its current state would be good, also looking forward to the Expansion Pass for more maps.

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For clarification, Vermont and Colombia would’ve gotten reworks and many improvements had IO used the episodic model. Having the extra time means they can improve on episodes before launch using consumer feedback.

Gameranx had a good way to get around this. Journalists can make a review on release and a second for the Full Season. This means that people know what the game is like on launch and what it’s like when everything’s released: when sales peak again.

So just wait untill full release, and meanwhile have the people that love episodic and realise that it’s amazing for hitman have that. Nothing would change for you


Hakan said in one of the episodes of the documentery he can imagine that H3 could return to the episodic release format, what I appriciate.

I still believe that this format is good for the game, because releasing a new location every two month would put the game back into a stronger spotlight.I can imagine that most people (excluding the most of the people from here and reddit) not really having much interest in just playing the game because of [a] new challange-pack[s].

At the start of H3:
two of eight Locations at the release of Hitman 3 and a roadmap about the upcoming content/locations,
while two month later (like in Hitman 2016) the next location would arrive.

You realise that only happened because Hitman 2016 is licensed under Square Enix right?

I like episodic release when it comes to story heavy games, like: Life is Strange, or Telltale games etc.

But when it comes to games like Hitman, I don’t know…I don’t want to wait a year to see, how Providence gets taken down or how the 3rd game will conclude. I don’t like the idea of having two levels, that I’m tired of playing after 2 months and has to wait an another 2 for the next level…doesn’t seem right.

for example I didn’t bought HITMAN’16 at release, only because it was episodic. I bought it just before the Patient Zero got released…and I didn’t regretted it. I had tons of content to play, the reactivaton of ET’s were started, so it was a full really enjoyable experience.

If they are going to give us side missions that are tied in some way to the main campaign and we have to pay for it, I’m in. (Like New york, Maldives, Patient Zero) Otherwise no.


Hard to tell. In the best case scenario, they would have. That being said, Vermont was made by a smaller team on a tight schedule because IO didn’t have that many resources at their disposal. And Colombia was handled by Sumo digital. And Season 1 had a significant slump in quality in the middle, which was kind of the opposite of what you would have expected from episodic model.

I never worked in game dev, so maybe it is different, but in my experience projects with one big deadline are easier to work on then the projects with a bunch of smaller deadlines.

The 2 games have 2 different servers owned by 2 different companies. It’s literally that simple. Doesn’t matter what you “believe”.

Even if smaller and different teams worked on the maps, IO could’ve gathered feedback from previous maps and readjust the WIP ones to fit feedback. When you release all the levels at once, you don’t get that freedom because you alter the original level too much.

I hated the episodic model in other titles before, but it works well for Hitman I think. Imagine if they did some bonus missions and new missions and we had new content to play every few months throughout 2020-2022. It would be amazing IMO. I’d also be fine with a new game all at once in 2021 or whatever though. I think IOI should basically just do whatever works for them profit wise.