Hitman 3: GOTY Maps Missing

Hi all,

Not sure it anyone has experienced this as well as of late, however, all the Hitman 2016 maps have disappeared from the game again stating I need to get access.

I have downloaded the access pass from the Xbox store again and it still dosent appear to be working. :thinking:

It seems this has occurred since the Season of Sloth update?

This isn’t the case on PC. I’m guessing it has something to do with Xbox not being able to handle both 7DS and Legacy maps, since they are both technically DLC I guess. I do find it weird that this hasn’t occurred to Xbox players during Season of Pride and Season of Greed.

Do you have access to 7DS content?

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Seems my Hitman 2 levels have reappeared.

Just the GOTY levels still missing? :thinking:

I’ve also tried downloading GOTY access pass again and still no luck.

I’ve searched for “Hitman 3 content missing on PS5” and in both places, these were the solutions:
-Exit and re-enter the game
-This is a problem with the servers, and might need to be patched by IOI

Think this is the likely option as I’ve exited and re-entered the game numerous times. Plus I’ve reinstalled the full game and also downloaded again the GOTY access pass multiple times and still no luck with it.

I’ve heard one or two other people have had similar issues with it since the Season of Sloth update.

I had that problem when tried to obtain a new seasonal path via PayPal. I’ve send money, the pass “has been bought” but nothing had happened plus all maps were missing.

The solution was to change one paying service (paypal) to another. And this helped.

Unfortunately, PayPal did not return my money, they refused with a word “on our side everything is normal”.

I just lost five dollars …

You need to report this through Hitman 3 player support.


IOI will look into this for you.

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Thank you!

Will do :3

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