Hitman 3 ideas megalist

Here’s my rambling list of shit I don’t like about the game/think should be improved/think should be added to make the game better. Keep in mind I think Hitman 2 when im having fun with it is one of the best games ever to me. So this isn’t going to be a hate list, and I highly doubt IO will take any of this into consideration. I just had to get this out there, and btw this list will probably be a multi-parter because I’ve been working on it a few days and had to cut things. Anyway let’s go!

Destinations tab improvements

You know the site Hitmaps? Just copy that site’s design but as one big menu instead of split up by game. Their version of the destination tab is excellent, it keeps the immersion factor but doesn’t require two loading screens. Also, you should be able to sift through content for a location like with the inventory, in order of type of content. Have all stuff go in this order from left to right: Missions -> Seasonal events -> Special Assignments -> Escalations -> Featured Contracts


The escalation challenges should have their own separate tab instead of being in feats. And escalations should be downloaded with the updates so they can be played online in an unranked capacity

You should just be able to choose the escalation level via the right side of the play screen, ala difficulty select. This would make it easier if like me you want to go back to specific levels to get a better time

Another QoL improvement would, instead of the 3/3 text to show us what level it is, how about an amount of skulls to show us how difficult the escalation is? For some reason you don’t organise escalations oldest on the left, so the more complex escalations might be the first a newbie plays

Difficulty modes

Anyone else think there should be at least five of these? Maybe six? I’d propose having one before Pro called Learner and one before Master called Expert. I’m thinking also I’m H3 the pre-Pro and post-Pro difficulties should have significant gameplay differences. For example, maybe causal and learner have lethal fire extinguishers and a lack of VIP behaviour? Whereas Master and a Purist difficulty that could be the hardest of all might have the old rating system and for the latter no hud elements?

Breaching charges

Give us two again


Make everything faster. Let us pick up shit while dragging bodies, maybe put a little animation of 47 doing a grab while he drags. Make him run faster, make him disguise faster. Bring back some of the speedy shit you could do in 2016 while also having smooth animations while doing it so it looks as good as it plays instead of being a little janky like 2016 could be. Just give us the visual flair of 2018 but the speed runner friendliness of 2016


An option to change bloom effects would be nice. Keep it how it is now by default (I don’t trust you with changing how levels look, IO, lmao)

I’d also like the option to toggle the lighting for legacy H1 levels to look like their 2016, 2017 GOTY, 2018 H2 or 2019 current incarnations. I like how Bangkok looks for example, but maybe I’d want to make Paris look old again


Give us multiple categories for the leaderboards, like Suit Only, Sniper Assassin, etc.

Special Assignments

Make ETs permanent and rename them Special Assignments. Perhaps to preserve the original challenge have all Special Assignments adopt these rulesets:

You can’t save

The Assignments always take place on Master Mode

You have half an hour to kill all targets

When H3 comes out all of H2’s six ETs should be available from the get go

Target lockdown

Targets should NOT be omniscient. This is extremely noticeable in Freedom Fighters. Where getting spotted by and then killing Ezra immediately sends the whole mission into lockdown and messes with the targets routes. Lockdown in general should only happen when there’s a guard to escort them, and alarms should only go off when a guard pressed them

VIP Behaviour

I don’t mind this and I don’t mind targets having a personal bodyguard, this has been tradition since the Lee Hong Assassination, but please if we’ve already knocked out the personal bodyguard disable the VIP Behaviour for the target. The fun and challenge of a personal guard is getting rid of someone who is getting in the way of you being alone with your target. When I’ve taken out the guard I’ve conquered the challenge. Ergo, he or she shouldn’t be asking random tourists to investigate shit.

On a related note, have targets respond to sinks, stoves and water cooler leaks even when there’s a guard there. The challenge of those kills is setting them up while the target is near so they’re distracted by them, they should be able to respond to them


I go over this in my rating system section but caught accidentally trespassing is worse than being hit in the balls. My idea would be if you’re caught walking into a trespassing zone you won’t lose silent assassin, only when you’re caught in the middle of a large trespassing zone like the attic in Paris for example. Being caught behind a bar shouldn’t be the end of the world.

I’d also implement more challenge with this too, by having it so that if you’re seen exiting a trespassing zone guards will say “Hey! What were you doing behind there?” So you’ll have to distract guards to safely get out.

SA tracker

The SA tracker needs a redesign. Instead of a green gun to the right of the map it should be a set stars with symbols on them under the map. The stars will grey out depending on what you do. So an eye icon on a star represents never spotted, get spotted and it greys out. This will ensure that a player always knows what lost them SA.

Resetting levels

It should be possible to reset all the challenges in a location while keeping the unlocks. I love the experience of 100%ing games when I replay them and the only way to redo Hitman 2 is to make a new account. There should be a prestige like system where you can reset a location after completing it and maybe the challenges gain more XP or are for Master Mode only or something

Exits and circle prompts

Just make all exits automatic like the streets of Mumbai are. I hate the circle prompts. In fact, more things should just be done via the press of Y rather than holding it. Picking up legal items, for example.

Controller drift

Hitman 2 has some of the worst controller drift I’ve ever experienced. 47 will stutter when running so badly it’s absurd. An easy fix would be the option to toggle running but even then you need to fix your game IO. It ONLY happens with H2 for me, not even H1 was this bad

Explosives and throwing

Stop locking me onto people’s heads, I just wanna throw a grenade

In general there should be an option to de lock on to someone’s head. And coins, etc. Should have the reticle show where they’ll bounce.

Briefcase types

Introduce the animation for all snipers, but give us a new type of briefcase: long cases. These will bypass the animation but as a result are too large to be thrown

New York

Make Mateo and Mann [OPTIONAL] targets

Hawke’s Bay

Not only should there be new exits but there should be new disguises. Let me disguise as the head of security and Sean 2. Maybe killing Alma as Orson and collecting the squeaky toy will let us exit via the beach. Maybe the exit will invoke Max showing up and growling but using the squeaky toy will allow 47 to get past by making him happy. I’m just spitballing.

Ofc the SUV key from the Politican should become a thing. That’d make Hawke’s Bay so much fun to replay. This shouldn’t even by for replays all players should be able to immediately use it if they find keys. Maybe Diana can say “oh well you don’t need the boat then”

Story objective improvements

Most story objectives should be disabled after one playthrough. The virus, the building plans and the clues for example. The only exceptions to this should be Mumbai, New York and Special Assignments since the former two are actually good and the latter are only going to be replayed a couple of times so the objectives are there to pad them out. ofc escalations and featured Contracts aren’t affected by this since their objectives are part of the challenges

However. Story objectives should give extra points (not much but maybe an extra 5k or 10k) for completing them. So first time players aren’t at a disadvantage for not having completed them first to unlock the time savers.

Another thing I’d like is for objectives to be improved even for first time players. The tornado shelter should be possible to access immediately to complete that objective, perhaps Diana says “we have to eliminate the targets since the board told us to, but this is valuable information” or something and then you continue the mission. Collecting any three clues in Whittleton should count for all of them, instead of being broken up into categories. Perhaps the dialogue can change depending on what clues you have so the letter to Zoe for example will mention the constant and confirm that clue. Also the Arkian Robe still voids suit only, so it should be changed back into counting as its own disguise instead of a suit and there should now be an examinable note on it which will give the clue instead

And for people who really like the objectives there should be a “Story Repeat on or off” option for them in the pause screen

Rating system

Playing Hitman 2 to get silent assassin isn’t fun. Playing Hitman 2 is fun, but trying to play the game as the devs intended is a chore. I’ve had multiple ideas for an overhaul this of varying quality. My first idea was to have 10 SA conditions instead of five, but you’re allowed to lose 4 or 5 of them before you lose SA. So getting bodies found or getting spotted won’t matter as long as you don’t do too many SA losing things.

Another idea I had was that instead of getting penalised for getting spotted you’d get penalised for getting compromised. So found trespassing or spotted by an enforcer doesn’t matter. This would also require changing some things to compromise you immediately to avoid making it exploitable, so for example poisoning a drink or loosening a wrench in the wrong disguise. I like this idea, maybe it can be used in conjunction with my next idea but it’s probably not a game changer on its own.

My idea for rating and scoring

My third and final idea is this: killing non-targets doesn’t affect SA. If you get a body found, noticed Kill or just get caught by anyone, killing them will bring back SA. If you get caught by five people and kill them it’ll bring back SA. However, killing non-targets will lose score. So a guard is -1000 or -5000 when you kill one, but an innocent civilian will cost you -10000 to kill. So your score and rating are now separate entities. You could get Silent Assassin and still have zero points.

Now this will offer more flexibility than the old system, but my other proposal is to reward a player for clever kills. Like in Sniper Assassin mode, creating unique kills should give the player points. But it should depend on how unique the method is. For example Mission story kills like using the fan on Dawood will give 1000, using an accident on Dawood like dropping the camera on him will give 2000, using an improvised weapon on him like a sabre or a knife will give 3000, using a sniper will give 4000 and using the fibre wire or neck snap will give 5000. Then an bonus, maybe double the score, if you assassinate multiple targets at the same time frame or even at once. This of course will be scaled depending on how many targets there are. A one target mission might give 6000 to offset the fact there’s not many scoring opportunities.

What this does is encourages people to not follow the designated path and instead come up with their own unique kills. This can also offset the need to speedrun to get the best score, someone who does something in 2 minutes with all accidents will be on par with someone who does it in 3 minutes but all garrottes, for example

Duplicate NPCs and cameras

Why is there an NPC in the camera area in the town hall in WoT Pro Mode? He serves no purpose, since the town hall is mostly unoccupied. If anything he should be in the Icon, or at least in Master Mode. and there should be a camera NPC in The Author in the church. The Patient Zero camera guard should be moved a little to be in a chair or something, it makes getting that disguise a pain unlike how it was in 2016

I really like the idea of knocking out NPCs to half-disable the cameras. Right now it requires knocking all camera men out but it used to do it by a per-camera basis. I think on pro mode it should work like it used to, taking out the guard in that area will disable cameras for that area. It should work like how it does now in Master Mode, and on that note Master mode needs to bring back the multiple camera stations having their own individual tapes thing

Also add the 2nd Bangkok camera back

The Vector

Make propane explode in one shot


Before any mission I should be able to view a map that shows where my visible objectives are. And where my starting locations will take me.

Objectives and complications markers

The markers for these still aren’t consistently labled. Most of them have the red target icon. It unironically bothers me. Your icons are so clean looking otherwise.


Break small melee, large melee, garrottes, flash, concussive and regular explosives into their own categories. They’re getting way too crowded


I saved my best idea for last. If all my ideas are shit feel free to roast me in the replies but I will fight to the death with this idea I think it’s so good.

Alright so obviously Contracts Mode should get some updates. A voting and commenting system, for one. An ability to make disguise and kill restrictions mandatory. Letting us tag Contracts with stuff like “Puzzle”, “Suit Only”, etc. Maybe making all Contracts based challenges available with featured contracts only to remove Easy Trophy ICA Facility Kill the Cunts clutter. Stuff like that

Other stuff too like extra complications and ability to select difficult modes would be good too. Making a contract in a difficulty will make it possible to enable it to be played on the difficulty you played it on and any difficulty below, or just restrict it to the one

The option for custom thumbnails would be nice, or at the very least give the NPCs a location-specific background. The slate is a little bland, and having them on a background that shows what location the contract is in is just good for convenience. Another thing I’d like is to vary what the target is doing in the portrait. I keep thinking contracts use the same NPCs because all guards with the same face are always looking to his right. At least have each identical guard have a different pose. Like one touching his ear, one adjusting his hat something like that

Another one is the ability to mark specific things like items to make obtaining them an objective. The ability to make kill conditions for specific guns and bombs would be good too. Even the ability to make a pacify or do not Kill condition for a target. Oh! And the ability to make our own escalations. Featured Escalations would be the bomb

But Im getting carried away. I came up with an even better idea than all of those that would make Contracts Mode the definitive marketing option for Hitman 3, if you haven’t got anything too substantial that’s been added. Here’s my pitch:

When you spawn into Contracts mode you have three devices in your inventory. They all look like mines. The first is a Target Spawner, you have five of these. Placing one of these spawns an NPC on the spot, that you can mark as a target. The target’s appearance will be that of one of the ghost mode targets, randomly generating a name and which model it’s using (which you can change by picking it up and placing it again) so you can tell when a contract is using them.

The second device is a target route node. Placing this will have the target from his or her spawn point walk over to it. These are infinite. Keep placing them and so long as they’re close enough the target will pathfind his way to them. Placing a node on an objective will make the target interact with it, so a chair will make the target sit, placing it on a toilet will make him piss, etc. So this is used to create your own routines for this target.

The finale mine-like device of this trio is the target route ender. Basically placing this will make the target return to the original spawn point after reaching it in the fastest way possible. This is essentially just a way to create a loop for the target, or give you the option of not using it which will make the target take his or her route back to the original spawn point after reaching the final node in their point, after which they will retrace their steps and walk down every node again to get back to the original.

You can have five of these custom targets and place them pretty much anywhere. After the mission is over you can give them custom intel and names. You can even choose to make the targets “elusive”, hiding them from the map and instinct. To prevent overlap you can’t edit multiple routes at the same time, only create targets sequentially. But you can still place them together.

Another device you’ll have is like a trigger, this shows up after you spawn a target. It’s the bodyguard toggle. Press right mouse once to spawn one guard. Again to spawn two. And again to get rid of both. The guards will have a unique outfit, called the Target’s Bodyguard disguise. It’s essentially an all black suit with a white tie, so it doesn’t look exactly like any other guards in any other levels in the game. These guards can be marked too and their disguise can be worn and used for restrictions. The bodyguards are ofc enforcers to their own disguise and the target is an enforcer to the disguise too.


Make gravity kills a real thing

Pushing a target into water should always count as a drowning kill. Having a target fall from a great height, be it from kicking them, shooting them or throwing something at them, they should always die.


Ok, that is a lot. Most of the QoL stuff I agree on, at least to a degree.

Extra difficulty mods seem a bit much. Personally, I think there might be one extra mode between pro and master. Mostly because Master simultaneously introduces changes to the map and limits your saves. It would be nice to separate these two. Kind of how Ultra-Nightmare in Doom is exactly the same as regular Nightmare but with perma-death.

Turning ETs into Special Assignments doesn’t feel like a particularly good idea. When Special Assignments were initially released many people called them repayable ETs, and that wasn’t a complement. Which highlights the problem: repayable ETs are nor fun. They’re too basic without their elusiveness.

A good compromise could be reached by allowing players to replay ETs in randomized order. Then they will stay somewhat elusive and players would still get that rush of adrenaline from completing them.

But I also suspect that IO is not interested in making ETs permanent, because it allows them to inflate their monthly content.

In regards to challenges reset, I think better solution would be to check off classic challenges after every mission, even if those are already unlocked. This already happens when you get SA. Just do the same thing for other challenges. SO, No Evidence, Sniper Assassin; they all could work like SA.

Hell, add more classic challenges to incentivize players to do weird stuff. People already do NO K.O.s, accidents only, fiber wire only, no distractions, no destroyed cameras; just acknowledge this stuff in the game. And we could also cut some of the bloat by removing duplicated classical challenges for different difficulty modes.


Don’t we already have a thread for this?


This is the wish list category isn’t it? I dunno if there’s a thread I’m supposed to post in, but if there is I’d prefer not to clutter it with messy typo-filled text that I intend to post every couple of days

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My guess it’s time to gather wishes for HITMAN 4.
I doubt that developers will go through all these things for the game that is already in development and change their plans.
But if you’re extremely lucky developers may guess some of your suggestions way before and already working on/realized it


Most of these are fairly small, so implementing them might not be too difficult. But, ironically, it also might be the reason why most of this stuff won’t be addressed. All things equal, IO would better off implementing bigger and more ambitious elements, rather than small improvements to already existing systems.

But speaking of smaller stuff and difficulty settings. Would it be possible to bring back separate security grids into the game for higher difficulties? I understand why they were removed in 2016. Back then cameras felt very abstract and detached from the game. But now that we have projection grids and PiP it would be much easier to differentiate separate security zones.

Easy - no cameras; medium - some cameras, single grid; hard - lots of cameras, separate grids. Something like that.

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The thing is intruding in already finished and working mechanism can break it hard.
Example is with NPC vomit to trash bins instead of toilets.
And a lot of other stuff

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I’m not really sure that I would classify tampering with A.I. as a small thing. This is actually closer to the big systemic changes that I think IO is currently working on.

I feel that we are more likely to see some new A.I. behaviors in H3 than a revised rating system. Even if revising rating system would probably be way easier than doing anything with A.I.

A small thing, but I’d like an option to make the slow walk key toggle-able instead of having to hold it down.


That would be the greatest of gifts to us PC players

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Or control the walking speed using the mouse wheel similar to Splinter Cell.


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The mousewheel should still be used for switching loadout. Absolution had it right. Interesting tho how the mouswheel has absolutely no function at all during gameplay

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Bring back cool physics shit like the flying phone

Bring back the wallbang

Why is there some small things that aren’t available in hidden stashes? That’s a bug I think, unless you introduce medium sized items

Fix the sawn off shotgun

Unlocking the mark II syringe should make them stack

Remove all mark 2 items and replace them with location “souvenirs”

Dual wielding

Make proper bonus missions based on the Special Assignment lighting. For example a festival of colours bonus mission in Mumbai where you kill someone by exploding a giant speaker as a DJ. Then maybe a mission in Santa Fortuna where you have to kill a Rival Cartel leader for Rico Delgado

Their should be an animation for unpacking anything large, part of what made it neat to use a briefcase in Blood Money was having to strategise when to pull it out

Introduce “lightweight” snipers that don’t have an animation. The Seiger shouldn’t have this by default as it’s too OP, but introduce some new snipers that have this maybe at the cost of no silencer

Change some challenges to be easier like Slam Dunk

Edit and delete Contracts

Ability to follow contract creators

Add new mission stories and add ways to complete them suit only in old maps

Proper offline mode

Compress yo shit

Add saving back to holiday hoarders and add it to Hokkaido snow festival

Further elaborating on the special assignment idea: I know people think that ETs wouldn’t hold up as permanent content but here’s the thing, the main missions are so big that some people view them as a little overwhelming. Having bite sized missions as a distraction would be great. Add a few challenges and you’ve got yourself an alternative to the big ambitious main missions without it not feeling like an assassination.

the idea would be that Special Assignments are now billed as ultra hard versions of 47’s usual assassinations. This will retroactively apply to the 4 we have now. The missions will have time limits of maybe half an hour or however long it takes for them to finish their entire routine usually, target behaviour is changed so that they’ll try fleeing if panicked which will fail the mission if they succeed and they obviously won’t appear on the map or in instinct

All ETs from H2 batting the Chameleon should be available to play as Special Assignments. The Chameleon should get merged with the Bookkeeper since they both have objectives. Give it a New York-esque choice between which way you choose to gain the information (unless the objectives are exactly the same in terms of placement, I forget, in which case the benefits of merging them is a lack of repetition on that front)

Some SAs should have more detailed routes, like make the Chameleon actually change disguise. I had an idea that since the Undying and the Undying returns can’t be in the same game that’d be stupid, instead have the Undying have the ability to come back to life if he gets bodybagged and taken to the security room. Meaning if you don’t beat the level before that happens you have to kill him again, and this time he’s an enforcer for every disguise

Another idea is I want targets to be able to defend themselves. This isn’t just for Special Assignments it should retroactively apply for Sean Rose, Maya Parvati, Rico Delgado, The Maelstrom and Nolan Cassidy. The Undying could start shooting at you with a silenced pistol if you get compromised, stuff like that

Ghost challenges

Route touch ups - having Andrea go to the bar and to the fishing village would fix one of my major problems with Three-Headed Serpent and that’s her route not having enough of what I call “lure points”.

These are just a name I have for them but they’re non-story non-challenge kills which I like doing better than all those other ones because to me they’re more satisfying. A great Hitman level should have a lot of ways to get a target killed in ways the devs don’t expect.

An example of this would be a water cooler in Miami near the winner’s podium. Helping Sierra win and getting rid of Rob’s guard will have him go over to it if you shoot it, killing him in a non-scripted way.

Andrea has a couple of lure points - my favourite being sabotaging the tuk tuk she passes by with an explosive (the reason why my “lure points” terminology is non-indicative of what it really is, this is part of her route but definitely not intended since it requires rubbing up against her guards or just really good timing. It’s not handed to you, it requires messing with situations like a true Hitspycontractkillerassassinchessmasterman which makes it more satisfying). But overall her route lacks those flaws in her pathing because it’s too short. Having her go from her office to the statue to the bar to the fishing village would be great for slicing up her route and making it more fun to find ways to kill her that are frankly stubborn and inconvenient to pull off, which makes them awesome

Suit only ways for stories like for example luring Andrea over to P-Power chastises him and she gets her guards to escort him to the mansion. Also let us have the hippie notice if we’ve repaired the cocaine. Maybe also a way for Andrea to go to the mansion and Rico to go to the fields, would really round out Three Headed Serpent

Fix Mumbai’s bugs eg puddles not responding to batteries and not being able to use the phone if you learn about the assassination from vanya’s diary or rangan’s laptop

Make the Kronstadt Driver outfit able to go into the top of the Kronstadt paddock

Let us mark targets - even the drivers - in instinct (Contracts mode)


I don’t know where to put this but I came up with this challenge pack idea in the shower and had to get out and post it:

Master Rabbit - Reward: Gold Sawn-Off

Silent Rabbit
Complete Golden Handshake

Start as the Rabbit

Do not change disguise

Achieve silent assassin

Rabbit Robbery
Get all three back up data disks as the Rabbit

Do not get spotted

No bodies found

Data Crash
Become the Rabbit

Crash the stock market

Rob the vault

Walk out the front door

Do not get spotted

The Hunter and the Rabbit
Eliminate Athena with the Golden Sawn Off

Do not get spotted

No bodies found

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I wanna see some kind of new Enforcer or enemy types or something.

Random Ideas
Helmet Enforcer (can’t be taken out with thrown objects.)
Melee/Taser Enforcer (Game over if approached with front melee and rushes 47 instead of shooting.)
Civilian Enforcers (Armed Civilians sick of fearing the bald man)
Camera Enforcer (Has a camera, don’t get filmed or your gonna have to steal it.)
Commander Enforcer (Will have his eye on his men and if one goes missing he will make people look. Even looking dare I say, inside containers.)
Dog Enforcer (self-explanatory)


Defenitly. This would finally make Sniping an actual Option, instant of just something you do for changearound.

I disagree. There should never be a Timelimit on a Mission. The only Timelimit should be something like the Author where Craig Black will flee after getting the Weapon.

I would say it should depend on the situation.

Okay, this is a Great idea.

I wouldn’t say they need to be optional Targets, though IO should defenitly introduce optional Targets again like the Patients in Flatline, Vinnie’s Wife or the Franchise Assasin in Blood Money.

No to that. Then you could just kill the entire Map and still get SA, which kind of misses the point of SA.

That would really suck, since every Ghostmode Target is a Dude wearing White without a Weapon. You should be able to choose between three types of Targets. A Civillian, An Employee of whatever or a Guard, the first two (or even all?) with the Option for Male or Female.

Okay this is once again a pretty good idea, since my biggest problem is that many cool looking NPCs do Nothing, while some who look less cool or exist 3+ Times on the Map have huge routines.

This should still be fitting. I’d find a Black Suit Guard in Mumbai for Example.


She is not an optional target.You have the mandatory objective to get her necklace.So,she is a person like Mateo Perez or Fabian Mann(not sure if I spelled the surname correctly).The difference between them is that:
1.The wife can be killed,but only in accidents if you want SA.If she is considered an optional target then every NPC in BM can be considered one.
2.In the bank you can also steal the data core,so it is not mandatory to steal the information using the data disks.


Right. I forgot it, since I usually kill both Vinnie and his Wife with Glass Roof anyway xD

This is true, though that’s more like a Choice Thing, instead of an Optional Thing to do, since you have to do something. The Patients from Flatline are what I’d consider Optional. After you sedated Smith and killed the Main Guy you’re free to leave OR Kill the other two/or only one if you like.