HITMAN 3 in GeForce NOW

Happy HITMAN 3 release day everyone! :smiley: I would like to clarify one point from the developers, if, of course, this topic reaches them.
@Travis_IOI, @Clemens_IOI
Unfortunately the game will no longer be able to work stably on my main computer, so I decided to use GeForce NOW.
All the previous parts of the trilogy and Blood Money with Absolution are already present in the service. However, due to the exclusive distribution in Epic Games Store and the lack of a few languages, I have concerns that the game will not appear in GeForce NOW. Can anyone confirm or deny this information?


Iโ€™d say it most likely will be available. The EGS version of Hitman 2016 is available. If itโ€™s not there at launch, it probably will in a week or two.


Unfortunately, I am in a situation where HITMAN 3 simply will not start on my computer, although it should go well. I canโ€™t fix it yet. Hopefully, as with the HITMAN 2016 in the EGS, the game will appear in the service immediately. I really want to play!

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It is a pity that the game did not appear in GeForce NOW. Perhaps the developers will not even give any comments.