Hitman 3 is EXCLUSIVE on Epic Games Store for a year

what are your thoughts?
personally this news pissed me off so hard man, f*ck epic man, why would io do this?


I’m not glad with that, but I’m also not as mad as fuck about it.
I’ll take it


I gotta laugh at them saying “oh Epic’s money is allowing us to make the game we want to make” not even one damn week after they announced the shutdown of Hitman 2 online modes.

Hey IOI, maybe use parte of that Epic money to… Keep Ghost mode alive ?


Okay for me. I will have to run Steam in the background to have my friends there but other than that I don’t mind much.

I once disliked getting Origin for some EA game but it means more income for IO while at the same time it does not cause much trouble for me.


That’s it, Youtube and reading threads on the forum to get spoiled for an entire year for me, gg on this one IO!


I very much doubt Hitman is going anywhere in terms of exclusivity. At most we can infer that this decision was under supporting IOI as a company. I think IO is doing fine as a company - good for them for seeking funds.

However I will say that people will be pissed about it - especially with fans. But I don’t think we’re the biggest audience to view that. Hitman has always appealed to audiences who want a laugh at the game or have no idea how to play the game - we’re just left to our own interpretations.

Not a big fan of Epic, but I played Hitman on PlayStation so not being too mad about it.


“This partnership with Epic has given us the freedom to create the game exactly as we imagined,” says IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak, “for our fans and for our community uncompromised.”

Amazing how you can do something supposedly for the fans and community, and at the same time piss them off in a major fashion…

Also, “uncompromised” is a good wording. Cause the one compromise they could´ve tried making was making it available on Steam for people who already own H2…


Well I’m pissed
This will be another year of waiting for me


Doesn’t affect me as I’ll be playing it on PS4/5 like previous titles. I can see it being an issue for possible progression carrying over though.


I don’t get this move from a company that has said that the business model for the first HITMAN was a disaster and it clearly impacted their next game heavily. Why bother with any kind of exclusivity, why not give as much as people the chance to buy it on their platform/store of choice?

I don’t care for Epic’s store at all. I’ve got enormous backlogs on Steam and GOG, it’s hard enough already to keep track of what I own. For me this became “wait until it’s 50% off on Steam” instead of “buy on day one”. See you all in a year and a half, I guess?


I’ll be getting it on console like previous titles, so it doesn’t affect me. However, even if I was on PC I wouldn’t care unless it meant no progression carrying over.

Posted on the other thread, but will repeat here, EGS will be giving away Hitman (2016) for free starting August 27th. Hitman 2 isn’t listed on the store yet but presumably will be shortly.


It’s also a complete lie, as they already “compromised”, not even a week ago, by announcing they are killing ghost mode, very well liked by the community. Zero excuses to kill it now that they have epic funding. Extremely disappointing.


Control was even more niche than Hitman (just look on gamstat). Now imagine how Epic gave to IO. 15/20M$ ?

EGS is a pretty bad launcher in my opinion, with not community space. It’s not gonna stop me from playing the game day one, but I’m not happy at all about that.


Remember it’s all connected with the IO account. It will probably transfer the progress once it comes out on Steam. It’s not ideal, but between this and the PSVR they can assure themselves important funds and probably publicity which is vital for an independent studio. The may have the will to carry on making Hitman games, but if there is no money, there is no game. It’s as simple as that.

However they better surprise us with new mechanics and make npcs react to blood this damn time…


Well this is sad.


Does anyone know if I can keep my progress when I switch to console?

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Guess I’ll be waiting 12 months. Remember getting mocked when I first said this was going to happen.

IOI is so two-faced. They’re snatching up every exclusivity deal they possibly can while claiming they’re on the side of the fans. I’m sure the fans are thrilled that you’re sticking the game on a store no one likes. I’m sure the fans are thrilled that you’re being incredibly shifty and dubious in regards to which platforms will be have VR support. Everyone’s really excited that you’re gutting Hitman 2 before Hitman 3 even launches, despite all the money you’re receiving. Can’t believe I bought H2 Gold at launch.

Just drop the act already. If you’re in a bad place financially and want a safety net, admit it. Nobody believes you’re doing any of this stuff for the fans.


I am happy for IO, in terms of funding and stuff.
I don’t really care because I’ll switch back to Xbox anyway.

I’ll grab the PC version on Steam at a later date.