Hitman 3 issues

I bought the deluxe digital edition for PlayStation 5 and have not been able to log online for the whole time. This is really annoying and I would like to know when this will be
Fixed and/or what I can do. I contacted the developer and they have been less than helpful. Not sure if I will ever use this developers games ever again :rage::rage::rage:

I still get these errors

It seems the update was only fully successful for PC players.

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I don’t know what to do mate. Tried your method and still get error. Really doing my head in because I’m just not going to play without a profile linked to it man. It kind of seems pointless. I want to go through from 1 to 3 but it’s just a lost cause atm and I’m really disappointed bro. Thanks for your help anyway

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Anyone else have to unlock trophies even doing before in hitman 1 an 2 and can not unlock after do the mission? I don’t understand, anyone else?
More after you shoot the virus when she comes you shoot and it doesn’t matter what rifle I use with perforant or whatever can’t traspass cristal , don’t have any sense.
This things @Travis_IOI knows about ?image|375x500

Nah. I still keep getting disconnections from time to time.
Espesially in the evenings. For the first few hours after servers were back, those disconnections were popping much more frequently even. But in a while things have stabilized, seems

That was not what the update was for.

It was for this particular issue of being completely unable to connect despite the server not being offline.

So keep waiting then. Okay

Seems to be working now. Thanks for the help

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(PC) I’ve tried everything from EG support and the suggestions on here and I have never been able to play Hitman 3 online. I pre-launch purchased deluxe edition. Uninstalled/ re-installed several times during all the support suggestions, etc…still a no-go. I have every Hitman (Steam) and never had issues like this. IT IS NOT FIXED. Patience is wearing a bit thin, sorry for shouting.