Hitman 3 Legacy Pack from Xbox one to PS5

I really need an answer for this but I have hitman legacy pack in hitman 2 on Xbox have unlocked so many things and apparently ioi said that we would be able to transfer progress to hitman 3 but the problem is I will be getting hitman 3 on the PS5. If I’m not wrong you can’t transfer from Xbox one to PS4 so that really scares me, I don’t wanna repurchase both hitman 1 and 2 on PS4 to transfer to PS5. I was thinking if they can have the legacy pack for hitman 3 through ioi account, that would work so well.

I suspect the only chance for next gen is when you don’t switch the brand. I can imagine the chance to transfer from PS4 to Ps5, but not from Microsoft to Sony. I am sure we learn all details later when we are closer to release.

The best thing is to wait and see but I really hope they will find a way to implement it between both consoles

As far as there is no way to share the game between any platforms, I suspect there will be no changes to this even in HITMAN 3.
Most likely you won’t be able to transfer your Xbox progress to PS5 or PC and vice versa in any direction.

Now you have to buy the game thrice and unlock everything thrice for each platform.
I wouldn’t be expecting any changes to this in HITMAN 3