Hitman 3 legacy pack

One thing that I really appreciated in Hitman 2 was the legacy pack, and that we were given this pack for free if we already had purchased Hitman 1. It would be great to also have a legacy pack for Hitman 3 that brought the content of the previous 2 games with the updated mecanics of Hitman 3.

Since they said that all 3 last games (including HITMAN 3) will live under one roof, I guess we’ll have either new game with 12 previous locations as some Legacy Pack, or HITMAN 3 will be as Heritage Pack of some kind for this current game.
Though I prefer HITMAN 3 game + 2 separate Legacy Packs.

HITMAN 2 with Legacy Pack weights 108 GBs.
HITMAN 3 itself will be approx the same size as separate previous games - ~60 GBs.
So, at the end we’ll have ~170-200GBs of the whole game with 20+ locations + bonus episodes and additional contents.
So for convenience it would be logical to divide those games in 3 packs


Or just design the game in such a way that you can install/uninstall certain locations, based on the contet you have already purchased/granted. This can be done already using steam, but maybe it would be a good idea to make it part of the functionality provided by the main menu.

I prefer manage my downloads through Steam :slight_smile:

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So do I, but this is not going to be a steam exclusive, and I am not sure you can manage DLC the same way in other platforms.

Seems other platforms have relatively same way of DLC managing now

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly the reason why the game is so large! Because everything can be downloaded separetly, everythi g has to be there, meaning that there is a lot of stuff present in the files multiple times!

I’m sure if they were to combine everything as one download, it would greatly reduce the size of said download!

The game is likely not designed to work that way. The very base of the game was designed with the episodic nature in mind for all three seasons, so that each location would be it’s own DLC.

If it were possible, then they would’ve done it with HITMAN 2. There would have been no reason to split each location into it’s own DLC otherwise.

Half of that is the Special Assignments though, so it isn’t too bad.

No. This size was at the launch.
Now, with all new locations (and Special Assignments) my HITMAN 2 folder weights 149 GBs

If to believe this table, package size of Mumbai and Santa Fortuna Special Assignments is 13.1 GBs, 2 patch packages are 249 MBs and 20 bytes accordingly
Package size of Miami and Whittleton Creek Special Assignments is 12.4 GBs. 2 patches are 200 MBs and 20 bytes accordingly.
Total size of Special Assignments is 26.1 GBs

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I was making a little joke.
But now I’m sad.


New game (HITMAN™) including Legacy Pack (HITMAN™ and HITMAN™ 2) for a complete pack around 200GB.

That would be the best setup :+1:

I wonder if PS4s and Xboxes will even have enough room on them for the whole trilogy and other games as well. Something like RDR2 takes up a lot of memory, as does GTA V.

(I already uninstalled the latest ‘Mafia’ game. Pretty awful.):joy: