Hitman 3 Location Speculation (Blur spoilers!)

You have no idea then how readily the very rich will waste huge amounts of money on things that are completely impractical then.

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i have no idea how rich people think at all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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There’s a possibility that the structure exists and has another purpose—something like storage.

The other 2 will be IO HQ
And the Berlin airport

I think the possibility that IOI leaves it as a mystery is higher than fully confirming that it was VR. If there’s no direct confirmation, either through the game or other media, then it’s just speculation.

If you want to prove my theory is wrong, go ahead, but I would appreciate it if you come up with more clear evidence. Because now we are about to repeat this:

A: If it’s just VR, then why IOI would show it from outside?
B: It might be real, but I think it’s VR.
A: But if it’s just VR, then why IOI would show it from outside?
B: It might be real, but I think it’s VR.

Since this is getting too long, I made a topic about it.

My hypothesis is the developers have been kind of using the old missions as inspiration. There’s been few truly “original maps” imo.
So using a process of elimination
Paris: standard party mission similiar to German embassy party mission in old H2 and Opera mission in Blood Money
Sapienza: Was a merger between the Mafioso mansion in old H2 and the Bjarkhov Bomb in Contracts
Marrakesh: This was a truly original map in my opinion and one of my personal favourites in making you feel like you’re really there during a political crisis
Thailand: similiar to the hotel mission in Contracts
Colorado: another original. I actually want more maps in totally hostile areas
Hokkaido: this was a remake of the Indian hospital mission in old H2. Both significantly difficult missions to get close to the target

Hawkes Bay: either original or a bad remake of the old Hokkaido missions
Miami: Original
Colombia: The Delgado mission from Blood Money
Mumbai: I am going to say Murder of Crows from Blood money with the rival assassin and mystery element of tracking the targets. I want to see more of this detective style missions
Whittleton Creek: A new life from BM
Isle of Sgail: i think this was most similiar to the basment/skyscraper party mission towards the end of BM

Dubai: takes its inspiration from the Petronas tower missions in H2 but in a classier style
Dartmoor: clearly Beldingford manor. Hope they bring back dogs
Berlin: a “strange party” type map. Eg. The meat kings party
Chongqing: i think this will be like temple city ambush/a murder of crows where we take out assassins. Kind of takes its inspiration from Skyfall where Bond is tracking an assassin in Shanghai

So that leaves the following:

  • 1 map that is completely hostile and requires deep infiltration eg. Hokkaido in the old H2. Alot of options for this one, but since Asia and Europe are already represented (and Dubai is M/E); i think it’ll be North/South America, or Russia
  • 1 map of significant political or public recognition (eg. The white house). I think providence will be trying to get some grand scheme done and A47 needs to disrupt it. I’m going to take a guess and say Geneva.

Has there ever been a Hitman level set in Denmark? I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

No, not once. I think the ending cutscene of Blood Money showed Diana in Denmark, but that’s it.


Yes they were. In the old H2 you had to do 4 missions alone just to get to a fortress where Hayamoto was surrounded by 6 personal bodyguard ninjas.
In H1 in Gamma Facility I wouldn’t call Soders easy to access.i mean in comparison Whittleton Creek was joke. I beat that mission in less than 15mins because the targets are right in front of you from the beginning.
Really in these new Hitmans each map has one target not very well protected.

Hidden Valley & At the Gates are amongst the most hated and shittiest missions in the entire series though


Not to mention snipers who were actually seriously deadly

No & No. Hidden Valley was just rng, and At the Gates just boring. Neither were hard or satisfying.

Said a guy who never even attempted a creative/difficult run.


Clearly the all coin brigade has taken over hitman now. Each unlock should just be a different currency :stuck_out_tongue:
Shouldn’t Hitman be about observation and planning? Just like in real life.
I mean if you want speed runs play a racing game.

Barely any of the fastest speedruns make use of coins. You don’t know what you are talking about.

What do you think speedruns require? More so than any other style?

Right, you’re one of those people


I thought that’s Berlin?

why would a nightclub be hostile?

Maybe it’s some kind of a private nightclub and you are not allowed to be around? Didn’t the Gameinformer article said something like that you can’t enter the club and that the surroundings are restricted area?

Possibly but I still think its something else or they will mix it a bit into a few missions. From what I read about Berlin they are trying to force players to take a more tactile approach (good its not as easy and chuck a coin and sneak past).

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I´d expect the wider surroundings (e.g. in front of the plant/entrance) to be a normal public area though. You need some level of free access before the guards start demanding you show a pass or something.

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