HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

Aren’t this the Shoes worn by the Female Hostage in Hantu Port?


They are indeed!

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You get a brief glimpse of them here:


The Brothers: Definitive Edition 1.0.3 - Peacock Fix

No longer requires Peacock plugin for Peacock. Just deploy the mod in SMF and it will show in the Marrakesh destination!

EDIT: I’m afraid Custom Mission Pack and Chongqing Noodle Massacre still have unexplained Peacock crashes that started a year or so ago.


I hope this is the right thread to ask in (sorry if it isn’t, I haven’t used this website before), but I need help getting the “Freelancer Variations” mod to work and the ZHMSDK mod to work.

Freelancer Variations says that the SHMSDK mod is needed to work correctly, but when I install both and open the game, the menu for it appears in the top right for a few seconds, but nothing is clickable. Then it flashes rapidly before dissapearing permanently.

The hotkey to open it does nothing but show the cursor.

I’ve installed the SMF and the SDK for Freelancer Variations, I’ve installed Simple Mod Framework for the mod. I’ve enabled and deployed the mod in Simple Mod Framework.

I’ve changed my resolutions settings, I’ve turned off HDR, I’ve turned off G-SYNC, V-sync is off. The github talks about a mods.ini folder that is put into the game’s Retail folder, but no file like that exists.
It doesn’t come with the mod so I don’t know what they’re talking about

Any suggestions or guidance on how to fix this would be appreciated!