HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

Recently, I noticed that the “choose your own adventure” options for Sapienza and Marrakesh have disappeared, and Ambrose Island isn’t showing up on the menu for locations in Hitman 3 now. Is there something going on with a mod?

Sounds like you have an old style (RPKG) or outdated mod. Like Offline Experience Refined, Offline Missions, something like that.

I only have the Offline Mode Enhanced and Custom Mission Pack mod. I only noticed the Choose You Own Adventure things were gone the past couple of days, and Ambrose Island was missing today. Is there a fix for it?

I did some more looking, and the Choose Your Adventure missions show up in the campaign menus, but Ambrose Island still doesn’t. I considered re-downloading the mod to update it manually, but I got some type of warning that I decided to err on the side of caution. Namely something about the Peacock plug-in taking control of the computer or something along those lines (I don’t use Peacock, I just play offline).

Still working on DMP 2, in working final mission of the mod, but 5 still in the freeze


Nice custom soldiers!

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A soldiers from colorado location