Hitman 3 Not launching ((epic version))

now it gives some silly Error that says I can’t download the chunk… which i know is BS… they have had me jumping through hoops for days… and unless they want to get sued they had better get this crap fixed

also it start

s ouot as file of 69 Gigs and then shoots up to 546 G WTH?

That didnt work, when I click PLAY it disappears, and no game starts

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I dont know then, try deleting other files on that folder or making sure 3rd party software isnt interfering with it.

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I have the same problem here. Played until suddenly this week the game stopped working. I tried everything said here and more, still not working.

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you get it figured out yet? nothing here except them trying to tell me that it MUST be my PC lol

I also played with it a week after the last update and now I’m facing the same problem and I tried all the solutions and I deleted the game files and reinstalled them but to no avail

It worked for me, thanks!

Could you help me? How did you solve the problem

You are a lifesaver, you probably just saved me hours