Hitman 3 Not launching ((epic version))

now it gives some silly Error that says I can’t download the chunk… which i know is BS… they have had me jumping through hoops for days… and unless they want to get sued they had better get this crap fixed

also it start

s ouot as file of 69 Gigs and then shoots up to 546 G WTH?

That didnt work, when I click PLAY it disappears, and no game starts

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I dont know then, try deleting other files on that folder or making sure 3rd party software isnt interfering with it.

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I have the same problem here. Played until suddenly this week the game stopped working. I tried everything said here and more, still not working.

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you get it figured out yet? nothing here except them trying to tell me that it MUST be my PC lol

I also played with it a week after the last update and now I’m facing the same problem and I tried all the solutions and I deleted the game files and reinstalled them but to no avail

It worked for me, thanks!

Could you help me? How did you solve the problem

You are a lifesaver, you probably just saved me hours

I deleted it but it did not work. please fix this fast

I had the same issue for a week and tried everything and also deleted the Hitman 3 folder but to no avail. In the chaos of it all, I noticed that I had some drivers that were not updated so I went and updated the drivers that needed updating and I rebooted my computer and tried running Hitman again via the Epic launcher and BINGO. The game loaded right up so if I were to gander a guess, I would say that updating my Nvidia card with the latest driver likely had something to do with it. At least in my case.

I was also having this issue but on Steam. i think the Launcher is somehow broken. The Steam forums suggested this:

Try this: on your steam or epic library, right click the game, go to properties and add “-skip_launcher” (without the quotes) to Launch Options, close the window and launch the game.


Oh my god, thank you very much empressofpersia.
I just followed your instructions and ran the Epic Games Launcher as admin and BOOM! Hitman 3 runs again.
Honestly, I just created this account to thank you, you are a life saver. I been at this for the past 2 days trying almost every option to run this game.

Stupid Launcher.

Thank you again !


I am having the same problem as you guys,hitman WoA crashes at startup it shows a black screen for 2-3 sec then crashes in task manager it shows suspended and closes I dont get it why it gets suspended.The game has never started for me so I dont have any file in appdata to delete.I have tried every solution like adding skip launcher thing on steam but that did not work either.I am hoping someone might me able to help me.