Hitman 3 on PC: Steam to EGS to Steam

If I get H3 on EGS and transfer my progress from H2 via IOI Account to EGS and later when it comes to Steam in 2022 and I buy it again from there, will my progress be retained as on the EGS copy when I launch it on Steam since it is connected to the same IOI account or will it be a fresh start with an option to import progress from H2 on Steam?

There is no news regarding exactly this transfer, but I assume it will be possible, as it is possible now to transfer progress from H2 Stream to H3 Epic.
Also at this very moment IOI Account is not involved in the game and/or any transfer in any way.
Now IOI Account exists exclusively for email subscription

I read somewhere that the progress transfer is possible from Steam to EGS only because of the existence IOI account as it is being used to store your progression, unlocks and other data.
IOI needs to clear these confusions out as soon as possible.

I agree.
But your progress is recorded regardless have you IOI Account or not.
Having it is not obligatory or necessary.
I believe all these info will arrive closer to the Steam release, but not in the time when H3 is exclusive to Epic Games.
So we need to wait 1,5 more years to find that out


Maybe IOI will ask all the PC users to create IOI account in order to transfer progress close to the release date… we’ll have to wait as you said.


Another doubt just popped up. If I am playing H3 from EGS and have transferred my progress from Steam; also continue to play H2 on Steam and unlock new stuff, will it simultaneously get unlocked in H3 on EGS?

Or, will IOI freeze my H2 unlocks once I transfer the progress to H3?

I think it’s safe to assume that once you transfer Steam to EGS for HITMAN 3 you won’t be able to go from H3 EGS to H3 Steam in terms of transfer.

Now I do think you can transfer more than once on PC though. So if you transfer H2 Steam to H3 EGS then decide to by H3 on Steam you could possibly still transfer H2 Steam to H3 EGS. So that would be a good thing for people who want to “start over” kindaish

Whats the reason to buy the game again?

This thread really sums it off.

EGS isn’t really a preferred storefront for me and most of the Hitman players on PC. I am thinking to get the Standard Edition for the sake of not missing on playing the game after its out and then in 2022, the Deluxe Edition on Steam where all my copies of literally every Hitman title (in fact every IOI title) that has ever been released sit.

IOI account will 100% be used for it . It is actively linked to your ownership/playing of the game. It knows what platforms you have on and has even records of what you do in the game.

…To play the game? I plan on buying it from EGS when it goes on sale because 1: I’m not paying £75 for a videogame (I payed £50 for H2), and 2: I’m treating EGS like steam anyway, so that’s one way i’ll do that. In my eyes, there’s no point fighting about a launcher that clearly isn’t going away anytime soon, especially from a company as big as Epic. Valve sorely needs competition, and that alone is enough to give the middle finger to Valve. I don’t agree with Epic in a lot of their philosophies, but I do agree with their ideas on revenue splits. More money going to the devs is a good thing. I saw people on both HMF and Reddit cite this as a reason why they got H2, but all that care people have went out the window when Epic gets involved, a company that’s giving IOI an undisclosed amount of money, which’ll likely be used to guarantee a good profit from the game, and therefore keep IOI afloat.

I know my words are gonna be unpopular among people, but that’s the way I see it. I don’t agree with a lot of Epics methods, but I am against Valves PC monopoly.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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I doubt that you will miss content thats worth mentioning if you wait for it on steam. ETs are most likely going to be recycled. But hey, IOI is certainly not unhappy if you buy the game twice.

To play the game he doesn’t need two copies of the game lol. He could just play the game via Epic if he cant wait. Buying another copy on Steam doesn’t make much sense and only supports ioi’s exclusive strategy :shushing_face:

I wasn’t advocating for buying the game twice (I mean, go ahead!), i’m more making a general response. Also yeah, ET’s will very likely get recycled because I’ve no doubt in my Mind IOI do not want the scorn that ET’s would “epic exclusive”.