HITMAN 3 or HITMAN: Season 3?

After hearing an official allusion to HITMAN 3 in the first noclip documentary, I’ve been thinking about what, from my perspective as a consumer, would need to be done to with that final entry to untangle the “what-is-this-is-it-seasonal-still-how-does-it-relate-to-the-first-game-aaaaahhhh” confusion that, I suspect, hampered HITMAN 2 sales. So I thought I’d write my thoughts down, and maybe y’all can chime in with your own perspectives on HITMAN marketing.

I’ll be operating under the assumption that HITMAN 3 will include all content from HITMAN and HITMAN 2, and will be episodic again, initially releasing with only one location. Though controversial, I think that business model really makes a lot of sense for this type of product.

With that in mind, I think the primary thrust of how HITMAN 3 is presented needs to be selling the entire package — all three seasons. If it comes to completion, the HITMAN trilogy will be an incredible, monumental package, and experiencing it from the beginning, in order, makes it only more incredible.

Additionally, I think the “Legacy” branding needs to be scrapped. It makes those missions sound old, outdated — not something integral and exciting you’d want to go out of your way to buy.

  • Title: “HITMAN 3: The Complete World of Assassination” or something like that
  • And then, on the key art, even though IOI likes it keep it all clean and sophisticated, it needs to have a blurb like “With access to all HITMAN and HITMAN 2 content.” It’s important that it doesn’t say “includes access,” because that suggests you get all those missions for free. Just “with” is good enough.
  • In the product description, after the “XXX new locations, etc. etc.” bullet point, the very next needs to be something like “Get access to your missions from HITMAN and HITMAN 2 for the ultimate globe-trotting spy adventure. Or, start your career for free with Episode One: Paris.”
  • And Paris would be the free episode, permanently, with the next logical step to buy Sapienza, or jump to S3:E1 if they really want to get to brand new stuff.
  • Onboarding would take players through the ICA Facility, instead of a new level, and have a “the story so far” cinematic in case they elect to skip Paris and go straight to S3:E1. The ICA Facility is already a fantastic, comprehensive tutorial, and a great way to introduce the player to 47’s world, so there’s no need to re-solve that problem. Season 3 can hit the ground running.
  • And then, obviously, each location would be available as a separate purchase, and bundles for each season would exist to get people with piecemeal collections caught up.

Hopefully, by emphasizing HITMAN 3 as a complete package with HITMAN and HITMAN 2, and the definitive release of an industry-defying trilogy, would help clarify to consumers what they’d be buying into, and generate a little feeling of HITMAN 3 being a “must-have.”

Anyway, that’s my novel. What are you guys’ thoughts about how the HITMAN trilogy has been marketed?

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Yeah, but after HITMAN 3, people will want HITMAN 4. They’ll want HITMAN 5. You DON’T want to become Final Fantasy or Call of Duty.

I’m not sure that season three will be released as a new game. I tend to think that it will be new episodes (DLC) to the HITMAN 2.


No need for numbers, as it’s supposed to be a platform, a whole pack in one game :+1:

No matter what they’re calling HITMAN sequels, i really hope that when everything is completed, it will just be called HITMAN™


That’s true. I guess I assumed HITMAN 3 would be the last one, since their comments in the documentary seemed to suggest that, but there’s definitely value to leaving the door open.

According to IGN, there is a third one in the works:

What worries me is the Malmo studio working on the game, and new studio offices working on games, especially big ones and ambitious ones, never goes out well.

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It’ll just be DLC for Hitman 2. What didn’t work with episode was you’re spending 10$ for one level game. With the DLC H3 route you’re paying 10$ for one level in a seventeen+ level game, and by extension you’ve probably already paid for that big ass game already so you’ll be able to satisfy yourself with a lot of content beforehand

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I hope that it doesn’t mean we have to redo everything… again. Treat it as a DLC if needs be and add anything in terms of mechanics as a patch. And if it’s episodic, it’ll open a huge can of worms again in terms of audience attraction.


Is it possible that HITMAN 3 will come out at spring or early summer 2020? Like a first episode of HITMAN 3. Because IOI is going to push content into HITMAN 2 like 14 months from a launch.

Welcome to the forum! This thread is more about what the title of Hitman 3 will be

A more appropriate thread for things you’d like in H3 would be

i think they should call it like blood money or big game before hitman 2016