Hitman 3 PC Transfer

I have a question about HITMAN 3.

With HITMAN 3 being an EGS exclusive on PC, will the software honor content entitlements and allow progress to carry over from HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2 if they are owned on Steam?

I own both previous games and all of their DLC on Steam, and I’ve spent hundreds of hours making progress in those versions. I’m okay with purchasing HITMAN 3 through the Epic Games Store if it does recognize my Steam purchases and appropriately entitles me to the legacy levels, but it’d be a dealbreaker if I have to buy HITMAN 1 and 2 again on EGS to gain access to that content. Can you confirm how content entitlement and progress transfer will work so that I can pre-order with peace of mind?

Given that HITMAN 2 isn’t even currently available on EGS, I hope that IO has an appropriate solution for PC players.

Yes, progress from H2 on Steam will carry over to Epic H3. We aren’t sure of the exact mechanics of it yet but IO has confirmed it

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The progress from HITMAN 2 is confirmed to carry over to HITMAN 3, but currently nothing been said about HITMAN 2016 progress transfer. I assume only HITMAN 2 progress will be transferred


Thanks for letting me know. That’s a relief.

misterkiller brings up a good distinction – I don’t expect 2016 progress to transfer, as it didn’t transfer into H2. Just as well – I’ve re-earned all of my achievements in the sequel anyways.

I presume that this means that legacy level ownership will properly entitle across storefronts as well. I noticed that IO added 2016 to EGS on the day of the EGS exclusivity announcement, so I was worried I might have to buy the GOTY / Gold editions again.

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News about distribution scheme is on the way, I think.
We don’t know yet how those old levels will migrate into HITMAN 3.

It may well be that HITMAN 3 will contain all 20+ locations “from the box”, but this is only my personal assumption and most likely this not true

Hopin steam transfers to Stadia aswell :confused:

It was some time (weeks?) after H2 with the Lagacy Pack was released that it was discovered by (the community) that save files from H1 could be transferred over to H2, but it would overwrite all you’ve done in H2. It wasn’t official or automatic via the game/s themselves. Things had to be moved manually. This was done for the Suits that could be obtained from ETs. I’m not sure about weapons, etc.

Edit: Point being; Yeah. It shouldn’t be an issue. The only question that remains is HOW it will be done.

Perhaps H3 will have a functionality that will detect H2 game files.

Will Malus Necessarium aka Player Level progression be a thing in HITMAN 3 though? If so will Player Level get carried over? For example, if I choose to carry over my progress I’d start with whatever level I’m at in HITMAN 2 and if I don’t I’d start with level 0?


I think all the progress can be taken along to HITMAN 3.
That means profile level too. Of course if profile level is a feature for HITMAN 3

This would actually be intresting to know, because if I for Example couldn’t play Sapienza or Mumbai in H3 and had to buy them again on Epic, I’ll officialy join the 2022 Squad.

Nobody here can confirm anything beyond " they said it will work" at this point of time.
I’d strongly recommend to wait for a week after releases before buying to avoid frustration. I’m sure they will (have to) figure it out sooner or later, but we are all in for a surprise come release.

They pulled the “fuck it” card on easier tasks in the past so Im hesitant :smiley: