Hitman 3 price and collector's edition

Whats Hitman 3 price?What do you think it will give in the collection edition of the game?

We don’t know the price yet.

I assume the price will be about the same with Hitman 2, excluding the Legacy Pack, as with every AAA game.

As with the Collectors Edition, we’ll have to see. The previous editions offered what was tied to the game retrospectively.

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We don’t know any details yet except what’s been revealed here:

More info about HITMAN 3 will arrive all across the year, so keep an eye on that website.
Also something could be revealed during IOI Monthly. Closest stream already tomorrow

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My guess is £50-£60 for the game, rising to £80 if there’s any additional DLC.

Last price point for the CE was £120 ish. So expect this if it comes with a good amount of physical items like the last one did.