Hitman 3 price and collector's edition

Whats Hitman 3 price?What do you think it will give in the collection edition of the game?

We don’t know the price yet.

I assume the price will be about the same with Hitman 2, excluding the Legacy Pack, as with every AAA game.

As with the Collectors Edition, we’ll have to see. The previous editions offered what was tied to the game retrospectively.

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We don’t know any details yet except what’s been revealed here:

More info about HITMAN 3 will arrive all across the year, so keep an eye on that website.
Also something could be revealed during IOI Monthly. Closest stream already tomorrow

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My guess is £50-£60 for the game, rising to £80 if there’s any additional DLC.

Last price point for the CE was £120 ish. So expect this if it comes with a good amount of physical items like the last one did.

I think it’s doubtful we’re get any collectors edition or even a physical version of the game this time around as IOI aren’t with WB’s anymore. Still i’m hoping they offer some gold edition with bonus content.


I’ve been thinking the same really, not trying to be PS orientated either but I think a lot of people will opt for the digital ‘version’ of the PS5 Without the disc drive, it’s the way everything’s going, more and more people aren’t buying physical copies of games anymore.

I strongly believe there will be a physical version of the game. Here in NZ, we have a retailer (Mighty Ape) who never puts up a placeholder listing until they have confirmation from their suppliers that they will get the product to sell and they didn’t put up a listing for the game on any platform until July 3rd.


I second that. I think someone would eventually be spilling the beans on whether IOI’s capable of physical distribution. If Mighty Ape (or any other retailer) has the listing up, I don’t believe they would have it there if there was even a shred of doubt. Unless of course, they’re being proactive, which I only think is the half of it.

The IOI Store was launched less than 1 year ago as a way to directly purchase their self published games directly from them with no middle men.
I’m hopeful for a Collector’s Edition available at least in their official store, if not able to distribute it to the mass market… but if the CE works out normally as it did last time, it’s even better! I’m looking forward to it.

They offer Steam keys, so I don’t know if that is true

Apparently they redirect it to their publisher stores in such cases, but the no middle men part applies to their self-published titles.

According to their own words, HITMAN 3 will be their first ever self-published game.
All games before were published by side companies

It depends how serious you understand the “self-published” thing. I doubt they press their own discs. Distribution might also happen with another company. Also digital release happens via some store, most likely Steam. Even if they sell the Steam keys themselves on their website Steam still obtains a share.

It just won’t be a “full” publisher that does advertisements, marketing, deals with streamers, magazines and so on. Though that might also be doable with some marketing company. Just not the whole package with a big price tag.

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I guess we’ll see what they do but I honestly believe Hitman 3 will be digital download only. If IOI are completely handling the release of the game I don’t see how there will be a physical version.

Now that you mention it, yeah, that’s also what I heard. That H3 was their first.
However, I was getting this info pictured above in which mentions self-publishing status from Codename 47 to Hitman-GOTY.


Am I right that pre-orders start before September? MrFreezee2244 mentioned this in one of his videos. And I’m wondering if Io have made a deal with Epic Games to release some sort of limited edition or at least a physical version of the game.

Travis promised start of preorders “later in August”, so maybe it gets started next week (in some places it’s already Monday, so for them it’s this week)

Yeah probably when Io release their monthly video update pre-orders will go live after maybe. It’ll be interesting to see if we’ll get a physical release of the game or not.

My guess is no, but maybe a special edition that comes with an art book and a download code for the full game. Of all the “stuff” they have sent before with the fancy edition, I think I like the art book from Absolution best.

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