Hitman 3 - release a year from now?

New XBox Scarlett and new Playstation (PS5) are both released around Christmas 2020. IOI would have the dev kits for the new platforms.

It would seem that a smaller studio would hold out for a release to all forthcoming and current platforms at once (PC / XBox One / XBox Scarlett / PS4 / PS5) for Hitman 3, which is at least a year from now. ???

I don’t think that IOI will wait till new gen consoles come.
They may release H3 for current gen or there is a possibility that they already working in unity with Sony and Microsoft on H3 to have it ported for next gen consoles.

I don’t think any game company should wait till new console generation come.
I think all the game industry works together in a unity on new products


Hitman 2016 was released in March 2016, Hitman 2 released November 2018. 20 months. We are at ~12 months now after Hitman 2 release.

If same time window for development then late summer 2020 for Hitman 3 release.

As this is just a few months before release of new consoles, it seems possible that Hitman 3 is released with the new consoles in late Fall 2020, early 2021.

PS5 will play PS4 games and I would believe next Xbox will play Xbox One games, so IOI dosen’t have to wait for the next gen, unless they want to use the next gen powers that is.

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Assuming season 3 will play from the same launcher as S2, and assuming it will be more like a giant expansion (kinda like how S2 is the same game as S1), I don’t see why it wouldn’t come out for the current consoles. If it is releasing when the new ones are out then hopefully they can port it over and get a wider player base.

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The next gen consoles are going to present a particularly fun challenge for IO - in regards to carrying over unlocks/progress etc.

It’s going to be very annoying if none of it carries across and I’d have to redo all the Legacy content for a third time. As well as potentially lose any time-limited unlocks like the Santa Suit, Explosive Pen etc.


March 2016 - November 2018 = 32 months.

Hitman 3 will be not released in 2020, I’m pretty sure. They rushed Hitman 2 because they were running out of cash. I do not think that the development of Hitman 3 will be shorter than 1 year and 10 months like season 2 (preproduction of season 2 started late 2016), because now they have better financial health, and another IP to release before.

If season 3’s preproduction started early this year and if same time window for development is used, Hitman 3 will be released between September-November 2021.

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Whoops. Mind my basic addition mistake.

Sounds right. IOI is not in need to rush Hitman 3, under the same time constraints as Hitman 2, because of their financial vulnerabilities during the Hitman 2 development period.

It could be that they introduce Hitman 3 as a platform, with legacy and new content populated episodically – as they did for Hitman 2016.

It would probably be a better investment for IOI to spend double or triple the typical time in developing the first mission locations for Hitman 3, to make a better initial splash in marketing an episodic release structure of Hitman 3.

IOI appeared to have spent much more time in refining Paris and Sapienza than the later episodes released for Hitman 2016.


This is exactly what I think. They made an awesome rushed season 2, now imagine with more time and more human resources/money… Hitman 3 could be an explosive season finale, best stealth game of HUMANKIND™ :heart_eyes:

Hitman 3 will be obviously released on the current gen, and probably on the next gen, maybe not at the same time. They handled very well the mid-consoles period in 2017 with PS4 Pro/Xbox One X, bringing quickly 4K and HDR rendering, and one of the best stable DX12 implementation so far on PC, so I’m confident for the new gen.

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The bottleneck of the older consoles PS4 / XBox One is the rendering of hundreds of NPCs at once.

The greater the computational power of newer consoles, the greater the complexity and size of each each location. The immersion experience will be also higher with the complexity and quality of visuals and sound in the location environments.

I suspect that IOI is going to strive to utilize the extra power in the new consoles and newer PCs for the third iteration (2020 or 2021 version) of Hitman.

I can see IOI giving every Hitman 2 player a code to redeem with a login for updating completion of the legacy missions in Hitman 2016/Hitman 2 ported into Hitman 3, given that each player’s Hitman data is on the cloud or can be uploaded to the cloud for porting onto a newer console.

They shouldn’t upgrade the next sequel too much, so previous buyers of HITMAN will be able to be back into the franchise without having to upgrade computer :+1:

A lot of games are released on current gen and previous gen within a couple years of a new console being released. Given how intertwined 2016 and 2018 seem to be, I’d be pretty certain they’d release on both platforms

Yes IOI will allow users to dial down settings on older PCs or older console generations.

But they will be able to take advantage of the greater computational speed and graphical resolution plus new technologies such as ray-tracing which allows faster rendering of shadows, reflections and light in real-time.

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That’s the dilemma here.

Of course lots of enhancements can be added for the next sequel. But adding too much new elements, especially graphically wise could create a gap between system requirements for HITMAN 2 and 3.

I’m totally okay to get a better, upgraded engine, and that’s how it should be!

But the idea now is to find the compromise between evolution of the game engine and being able to run the new game with approximately the same specs as HITMAN™ 2.

If they manage to do this, i’m sure that most of HITMAN™ 2 players will tend to buy the 3 if it can run right away with their same computer specs without having to upgrade equipment, or in a very little way :+1:

At GDC 2019, explains how they scale up and down the rendering of Hitman depending on the power of the system.

Creating a Scalable and Destructible World in 'Hitman 2

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I remember that one, very interesting conference!

Hopefully they will manage to get through technical challenges and manage to make it run on a good part of PCs (not potatoes, we all agree) :+1:

I hope we at least get an announcement before next summer. Those teaser screenshots can keep me speculating for a long time…