HITMAN 3 rumors

wasn’t really sure where to put this, so i made a new thread

Hitman 3 – the third and final game in IO Interactive’s reboot trilogy. According to the rumor, it’s set to be released in Holiday 2020, coinciding with the launch window of the next generation consoles. Buying the Deluxe Edition gives players access to all previous base and DLC locations from Hitman and Hitman 2 , with optional co-op for three missions as well.


So Ghost Mode Mumbai is happening or they’re talking about Sniper Assassin?

I hope that Sniper Assassin won’t be included in HITMAN 3 and will be separated into a standalone game that will be traditionally available before the big release

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assuming we will get to play H2016 and H2 missions in the next game, I really hope progress transfers over because I don’t have the energy to do colorado challenges a 3rd time


Just today there was also news about a “holiday 2020” for Assassin’s Creed as well.

If I remember right, Hitman has been releasing in Novembers, so this date was expected as long as the project didn’t suffer significantly from the social isolation stuff going on.

All I know is I’m definitely buying the most deluxe, complete version in day one! My most expected release for this year.


Personally, I don’t mind doing Colorado. The only challenges I hated were those requiring you to do it on “master” difficulty. What I prefer to call bullshit mode: Trying to complete the mission were everyone except 47 has superpowers.


professional mode in hitman 6 was worse, considering most of the challenges were doing a challenge you’ve already done, but on a higher difficulty.

in comparison, while still unbalanced, master difficulty is not as bad and I at least enjoyed the challenge of a master SASO being the true test of whether or not I learned the map. but maybe I’m repressing the memories of santa fortuna master which drove me up the wall


I hope this is fake news, we’ve seen where it went by releasing a Hitman game too early :confused:

I hope they will take as much time as needed to bring a much more polished experience and avoid fixing bugs over and over…

2021-2022 would be more reasonable for a proper release :+1:


it’s not really about how early they release it, it’s just a matter of how well they planned it out beforehand. as far as we know, the only big impact they’ve had is the work-at-home situation.
but yes, i hope they are taking their time with this one. we really need H3 to be polished and better than both 2016 and H2. hopefully they can do this and aren’t rushing things.


Presuming the holiday means summer, it feels a bit too early (if the game’s not episodical). I have a vibe it’s coming out in November, especially because the franchise will be 20 years old on the 21st of November.


it’s probably a fake leak anyway. lots of gamers are bored during this time, easy to spread rumors


I remember saying that IO should take a breather from Hitman 3 cause of how badly they handled the support for Hitman 2. Maybe focus on other titles like Freedom Fighters 2 or even a new IP…
I can see them releasing it in November, it’s not like they didn’t make mistakes in the past, what’s another one to add to the pile?

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Here’s the original thread on 4chan : https://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/504977710#q504977710

Hitman 3. Final game of the reboot trilogy. Deluxe / Upgrade edition gives access to all previous base and DLC locations from 1 & 2, giving a total of 29 locations. Three missions will have optional co-op. Holiday 2020.

14 locations in 2 years ?! Even with 2 studios and if they outsource (with help of Sumo/Mi’pu’mi) the development on some maps, how is that possible ? It takes about 8 months for a team to make one location.

I don’t buy this rumor :smile:


I would like to believe this but I call bullshit.


On the other hand, the last official news about Hitman 3 was “Hitman 3 is well underway”, and this was Novermber 2019.

Sounds like they had a substantial work done a year early and Hitman 3 was being developed along with Hitman 2 for quite some time.
Maybe it’s not a rushed decision.


With the next gen coming at the same time, the cross gen is going to require extra work, they need to setup online for 5 platforms (Steam, XO, XSX, PS4, PS5) + learn the new XSX/PS5 hardware specs + make all the locations + introduce modern features like RT as all the other big games. They can release the game with in 2 steps, first on the current gen and then on the next, like Cyberpunk 2077/Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but current conjecture makes me say it’s too quick for such plan for a medium sized game studio. But we’ll see :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a very good point, and one I don’t understand at all to even fancy how it’s gonna work. I suppose there’s an earlier access to next gen platforms for game developers to get started sooner with the adaptions, but still sounds like a lot of work.

Speaking of RT(X?), I remember Hitman 2 was listed for a while in games with upcoming support for RTX, but it ended up never happening


If this is true, all our progress is transfered to H3. I can’t stand another round of doing the Slam Dunk challenge with Sister Yulduz or any other luck-based chore.


It’s not hugely impossible - given how quickly the two DLC maps were completed since they didn’t start production on those until after H2 was released. The same time frames would see at least 4 locations completed by August this year - and that’s just from the teams that worked on the H2 DLC. The other teams would have easily tinkered away and completed more as well. Plus some of the 14 locations could be after-release DLC that hasn’t even begun production until after the base game releases again.

Not that I necessarily believe this, but it’s not an impossibility.


scarecrow challenges for me :grimacing: never again


I’m more terrified of having to do Tuppence a Wish for a third time tbh.